“Hidden Beauty Novels: The Collection – Part Two (Hidden Beauty Box Set Book 2)” by Mary Crawford

Hidden Beauty Novels P2 B2 cover

Hidden Beauty Novels: The Collection – Part Two (Hidden Beauty Box Set Book 2)

by Mary Crawford

Genre: Contemporary/Romance/Multicultural/Inspirational

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Sometimes, a single love story can change the world. Follow the friends and family of Jeff and Kiera Whitaker in the second box set of the Hidden Beauty Novels.

Love Claimed (A Hidden Beauty Novel #6)

Donda Whitaker felt the earth move under her feet when she came face-to-face with Dr. Jaxson Shepherd — was it only because some idiot plowed into her car? Too bad she doesn’t trust doctors. Jax isn’t used to people hating him at first sight. Can Donda’s teenage son help them claim the love they both deserve?

If You Knew Me (A Hidden Beauty Novella #1)

Elijah has been dealing with bullies his whole life. He thought high school might be different. He was right. On his first day, he’s humiliated in front of a beautiful new student. Now, she wants to team up with him to change the world. What would she think if she really knew him?

Jude’s Song (A Hidden Beauty Novel #7)

Jude can’t believe his ears. Tasha is about to turn down the deal of a lifetime. A deal he would practically sell his soul for. When he calls her out, Tasha sets the record straight. Maybe walking in her shoes isn’t quite as simple as it looks. When she offers him a shot at his dreams, Jude must decide if he can overcome his fears and stop living in the shadows.

The Price of Freedom (A Hidden Beauty Novella #2)

Nate must decide which promise to keep. He vowed to avenge the death of his father who was killed in the line of duty by his father’s unit in the military and finishing the job. Yet, when Nate fell in love with Holly way back in elementary school, he promised he wouldn’t ever leave. He knows every moment with her is precious. The last thing Holly wants is for Nate to sacrifice his dreams to stay with her. Sometimes, the price of freedom is just too high.

Paths Not Taken (A Hidden Beauty Novel #8)

Jordan Shepherd seems to specialize in making a mess of things. First, she tried to screw up her brother’s chance at happiness and now to save her sanity, she’s quitting her job in front of a stranger — a position she thought would make her a fashion icon. Now, she must go home and patch things up with her family while she tries to rebuild her life.

As a former athlete, Cristiano Romero has seen some acts of courage, but he is impressed by Jordan. He’s not so sure he’s ready to let the feisty woman with the sharp tongue and nerves of steel disappear from his life. When his own career plans are upended, can they forge a path not taken together?

Dreams Change (A Hidden Beauty Novella #3)

After rediscovering childhood love and obtaining more fame and fortune than they could’ve ever imagined, everything should be perfect for Aidan and Tara O’Brien, but it’s not. Recurrent miscarriages bring up ghosts in Tara’s past and leave Aidan feeling helpless. Is it the end of a fairy-tale love story or can dreams change?

Heart Wish (A Hidden Beauty Novel #9)

Kendall’s computer is being held hostage by ransomware. She has a missing infant to find with her work to do at Locate My Heart, an agency which helps find missing children. Without her computer, she’s helpless. She doesn’t expect the computer expert she contacts to question everything her agency does. Jameson has a complicated history with people like Kendall — and none of it’s good. But, what if he’s wrong and she can use her skills to make his life whole?

Tempting Fate (A Hidden Beauty Novel #10)

Mindy Whitaker has always been able to predict the future until she can’t. Her gift seems to have abandoned her when she needs it the most. After her college roommate is killed, she goes home to regroup — only to encounter her childhood crush. Elijah Fischer is facing challenges of his own. Can he help Mindy rediscover her gifts in time to prevent a tragedy that would destroy his world?

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