“Our Jewish Robot Future” by Leonard Borman

Our Jewish Robot Future cover

Our Jewish Robot Future

by Leonard Borman

Genre: Literature & Fiction/Humor & Satire/Jewish

2.99 at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Meet the Haralsons —- retired, eccentric, always discontented. Margarita, the post-menopausal narrator, wants a baby, while her heroic husband Alex is obsessed with finding the missing 11th commandment.

Perhaps conjured from their obsessions, arrives John Chapman, a Max Headroom type cyborg from the distant future, begging the Haralsons to save his race of Jewish robots from extinction. The result is a mad escapade through time and space to Airets, Earth’s mirror planet.

Prepare for the many antics of the libidinous Margarita as she does battle with gossips, hypocrites and her double-dealing electronic progeny.

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