“The Tiger & The Snake: KAYOS Before” by Tracy A. Ball

Tiger and Snake cover

The Tiger & The Snake: KAYOS Before

by Tracy A. Ball

Genre: Romance/NA/Multicultural

FREE at time of posting!

Love thy enemy. Thoroughly.

“Oh, Lord. He’s back.”

Lareina and Christian had the love of a lifetime, a lifetime ago. Now, they’re frienemies with not enough benefits for either of them.

Christian wants to get past their problem, but Lareina is not having it, or him. Until a desperate call and a fateful day changes him; changes her; changes everything. Love has forced them to play a dangerous game called KAYOS.

This prequel to KAYOS: The Bad & The Worse is the need-to-know origin of Lareina and Christian’s impossible relationship and includes the how and why the members of KAYOS are who they’ve become.

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