#Review “Violet Souls: The Evoxian Legacies #1” by Abbey MacMunn

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5/5 Stars!

Violet Souls is a well-written, fast-paced read that draws you right in. I cannot begin to explain how much I enjoyed it.

Searching for clues about her birth parents, single mom, Brianna “Bree’ Mills, receives a violet pendant that’s been sitting in her adoption records for years.

The pendant will lead to all the answers she’s been searching for about her past and put her and her nine-year-old daughter, Lexie, in grave danger.

It’s difficult to review Violet Souls without touching on any of the wonderful plot twists, but…Bree is an alien, there’s an evil psychopath who wants to rule two planets and needs Bree to do it, she has a bonded mate… she just needs to remember him, oh, and there’s a dragon!

Bree is a character that slowly grows on you. I think in part because she’s always felt different and ostracized because of her violet eyes and stilted personality. She felt distant in the first few chapters. However, as her past is revealed to her, she comes into her own as a woman and a patari.

What’s not to love about her mate and rescuer, Quinn Taylor? My heart broke for him as he waited for Bree to remember him. Drew is also awesome and while I felt sorry for him at first, I soon learned he’s going to be just fine.

Adoptive sister, Jane, is an outlandish jewel and I hope to see more of her in the next book She’s the total opposite of Bree and a breath of fresh, hilarious air. But I think I loved Lexie the most, so undaunted and unfazed by it all and coming into her own… rather quickly. And special kudos to Maya!

Looking forward to book two and maybe a trip to Evox. With so many mysteries of the Akui being revealed, perhaps something can be done to help the planet. But, only after something is done about Michael Locke. That’s one crazy alien.

I highly recommend this awesome read!



Violet Souls cover

While searching for clues to her past, shy single mum, Bree Mills discovers a subculture of aliens with supernatural abilities living on Earth.

And she’s one of them.

Finding herself hurled into a world of possibilities, it’s made more alluring by Quinn Taylor, the violet-eyed Evoxian from her childhood dreams.

324-year-old Quinn knows his destiny is entwined with Bree’s, but before he can confess his love, he must wait for her to sense the Akui, a mysterious force tied with ancient Evoxian law.

At a Cotswolds country manor, passions awaken and ignite a love more magical than the once-Utopian planet, Evox. Then Fate delivers a cruel and heart-breaking blow when Bree is kidnapped by a malicious alien who wants her and her power.

Will Quinn still love her when she’s faced with protecting her half-human daughter… whatever the cost?

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2 thoughts on “#Review “Violet Souls: The Evoxian Legacies #1” by Abbey MacMunn

  1. Thank you for featuring Violet Souls and for a fabulous review. You’ll be pleased to hear many of the characters will be appearing in Book 2! Abbey 🙂

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