“Fire and Walter (Wiley Brothers Book 3)” by Brenda Barrett

Fire and Walter cover

Fire and Walter (Wiley Brothers Book 3)

by Brenda Barrett

Genre: Women’s Fiction/African-American/Christian

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The past is catching up with Walter Wiley! His new church pastor was the man who attempted to rape him when he was younger and the first lady was his life of the party ex from university. And if that wasn’t incredulous enough, the girl who got away, Aisha Fire, the one who ditched him without an explanation years ago, was now his neighbor.

Walter’s main concern was, had any of the three changed? Or was it a case of the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. One thing was for sure, he was keeping all his wits about him with this new invasion in his once peaceful life.

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The Reality of Depression

Image from Pixabay

Recently I wrote about those who question the reality of depression. What sparked the article was a Twitter thread wherein a professional kickboxer launched a very derogatory speech about how “depression isn’t real” and how depressed people are “too lazy to change it.” Most of the responses to him were emotionally charged, but some people offered several articles and resources that discussed the reality and consequences of depression. Occasionally someone would agree with the original post, including one person who charged: “I challenge anyone to come up with a study definitively proving the medical cause of depression.” That statement is, of course, absurd. People turn up with scores of diseases and conditions everyday for which there is no known cause.

Basically, we have two claims here, but in three forms. The first blatantly states that depression is a fake problem. The second says that anyone with so-called symptoms of depression is just lazy and needs to just get up and get better. The third essentially implies the same as the first, and uses a lack of cause to justify the argument. Hopefully these are the kind of people who just remove all their filters once they get behind a keyboard. But in case you ever have to engage with someone so ignorant and contentious, let’s go ahead and address each of these so that you can be armed with reason.

“Depression isn’t real”

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to once again say that I’m personally skeptical of Psychology as a field of medicine. Ironically, I started my degree as a Psych major but changed it to a minor after I got further into the relativity of it. That’s because I was also studying other cultures and quickly found that one country’s abnormal case that supposedly requires medication or institutionalization is another country’s priest or mayor. It should be noted that many non-Western countries offer a vastly different support system through communal living. We, on the other hand, are very isolated and hyper-focused on independence. Non-Western areas also tend to have a much different view of spirituality and are not obsessed with tangible evidence to validate their beliefs. I would not be surprised to find that depression is often a culturally specific condition. But that doesn’t negate its reality.

For example, while living in the suburbs, I suffered from severe postpartum depression. However, I believe I would not have had the same experience if I lived in a place where I was not isolated from my community and family. In no way does that mean my experience wasn’t real. Indeed, extreme poverty in places like Brazil causes malnutrition and dehydration. It’s so profound, that if a mother can carry a child to term, there is a very high risk that the baby will die because the mother cannot even produce milk with which to nurse the infant (from Death Without Weeping by Nancy Scheper-Hughes). Those people, too, are suffering from severe depression. Go figure.

The Mayo Clinic summarizes that “depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems…More than just a bout of the blues, depression isn’t a weakness and you can’t simply “snap out” of it. Depression may require long-term treatment.” Furthermore, Harvard Medical School adds that “there are many possible causes of depression, including faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and medical problems. It’s believed that several of these forces interact to bring on depression.”

Depressed People are “too lazy to change it”

Remember those starving folks in Brazil? Are they just lazy? Did you know that in the United States alone, an average of 20 veterans commits suicide every day? So, they had the fortitude to go into combat and/or serve in any capacity of the military, but somehow they just got lazy and killed themselves? Depression is one of the hallmarks of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that “PTSD affects 7.7 million adults, or 3.5% of the U.S. population. Women are more likely to be affected than men. Rape is the most likely trigger of PTSD: 65% of men and 45.9% of women who are raped will develop the disorder. Childhood sexual abuse is a strong predictor of lifetime likelihood for developing PTSD.” But our kickboxing Twitter ranter says these victims are just too lazy to change themselves. I guess ignorance really is bliss.

‘No Cause = Not Real’

I’m not going to spend much time here. I usually try to be relatively diplomatic, but this is one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever heard in my life. The National Institutes of Health lists 14 autoimmune diseases alone. These have no known cause, but the condition is really happening. We don’t know definitive causes of depression, but you can compare brain scans of depressed and non-depressed people and see a definitive difference in function.

Please take the time to check the links in this article. They offer a wealth of information regarding the reality of depression. And if you or someone you know or love is in bad shape right now, do not hesitate to get help. What’s happening is real and it needs to be addressed, lest it lead to greater health problems or worse, even death.

The Crisis Text Line offers 24/7 support. Text for free at 741741 for immediate help.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is also a 24/7 support system available by phone, text, or online chat. 800-273-8255. They also have options for deaf or hard-of-hearing as well as Spanish speakers.

International callers: The Lifeline Canada Foundation. They also offer International Crisis Hotlines and Worldwide Emergency Numbers and include call, text, email, and online chat options.


The preceding article is from FibromyalgiaTreating.com and posted here for sharing purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

“Her Texas Cowboy (New Horizon Ranch: Mule Hollow Book 1)” by Debra Clopton

Her Texas Cowboy cover

Her Texas Cowboy (New Horizon Ranch: Mule Hollow Book 1)

by Debra Clopton

Genre: Genre Fiction/Western/Christian

FREE at time of posting!

She needed someone to love her and never let her go…but she’s afraid.

Professional bull rider Cliff Masterson has been chasing his dreams for years but after rescuing a beautiful cowgirl from being trampled by a bull now he’s suddenly dreaming of love, home and hearth.

Because Maddie Rose has had enough people in her life leave and she’s not willing to risk her heart on anyone, especially a bull rider with wanderlust in his veins.

Sparks fly as this determined cowboy tries to prove to this feisty cowgirl that the only thing he’s chasing now is wedding bells with her…

Thankfully he’s got the help of three meddling matchmakers to help him get his happily ever after?

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“Daffodils (The Katherine Wheel Series Book 1)” by Alex Martin

Daffodils cover

Daffodils (The Katherine Wheel Series Book 1)

by Alex Martin

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Victorian/Sagas

FREE at time of posting!

Short description: Katy, maidservant at Cheadle Manor, longs to escape her narrow life but events unfold slowly in her rural village. Finally, frustrated by personal tragedy and the shackles that continue to bind her, she becomes a mechanic in the WAAC as part of the British Expeditionary Force. Through the horrors of WW1 she discovers only love brings freedom.

Long description: In this heartbreaking romance feisty heroine, Katy, dreams of a better life than just being a domestic servant at Cheadle Manor. Her one attempt to escape is thwarted when her flirtation with the manor’s heir results in a scandal that shocks the local community.

Jem Beagle has always loved Katy. His offer of marriage rescues her but personal tragedy divides them. Jem leaves his beloved Wiltshire to become reluctant soldier on the battlefields of

The First World War. Katy is left behind, restless and alone.

Lionel White, the local curate, has just returned from India bringing a dash of colour to the small village and offers Katy a window on the wider world.

Katy decides she has to play her part in a world at arms and joins up as a WAAC girl. She finally breaks free from the stifling class-ridden hierarchies that bind her but the brutality of 20th century global war brings home the price she has paid for her search.

“A profound meditation on love and loss and the perils of war”: Bookbub

Note from the author: For fans of historical fiction, DAFFODILS is part one of a true love trilogy, The Katherine Wheel Series, is set in Wiltshire, England at the time of the First World War. It starts slowly. Life changes little in Cheadle. Petty scandals, gossip and the huge gap between the haves and those who serve them continue to dominate their small world. As I researched this era, I was drawn into the terrible tragedy of the war and so were the characters I’d created.

Daffodils drags Katy and Jem out of their lives and catapults them into the wider arena of a global conflict. Most books follow what happened to the soldiers and so does Daffodils, in part. It also follows the gallant women who provided the backbone for the army, not just the nurses, but the gender defying mechanics and drivers who managed the vehicles and ambulances. I found it fascinating to discover just how much women took on and how it shook up the world they returned to, once the conflict was over. But in essence, Daffodils is a love story, whose tender heart is almost torn apart through this tumultuous time.

“Absorbing, involving, unputdownable, honest, great characterisation”.
Indie Book Bargains Featured Author Book of the day June 25th 2013 and was chosen to be in the first edition of the Fussy Librarian’s selection.

Book Two of the Katherine Wheel Series is called Peace Lily. Find out how these characters fared after the Armistice when they entered a new, modern age. They have to carve out new lives in a changed world, having survived the war only to find new challenges they hadn’t expected when they return home.

A third book, Speedwell, completes the trilogy…for now…and takes the characters into the daring arena of motor racing in the 1920’s.

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“Primani” by Laurie Olerich

Primani cover


Genre: Paranormal Romance/Angels/Psychics

FREE at time of posting!

Mica Thomas is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary destiny. As unseen forces shape her future, her only anchor is Sean-the Primani assigned to keep her alive. If he crosses the line, there will be hell to pay.

Sometimes destiny is wrong…

After surviving a year of heartbreaking tragedy, college student Mica Thomas is finally ready to have some fun. Determined to live life on her terms, she sets her sights on the gorgeous mystery man who keeps showing up when she’s in trouble. Intense, cranky, and oh, so sexy, he’s the exact kind of challenge she loves. Romance, adventure, and good friends–She’s living the dream, but this dream is shattered when fate intervenes. When her life is threatened again, this budding psychic is suddenly swept under the protection of an immortal special ops team with a mission too fantastic to believe.

Powerful and ruthless, Sean O’Cahan is a legendary Primani. His job is to disrupt demon activity and protect special humans. When his special ops team is assigned to Mica Thomas, he knows he’s there to guard more than her body. There are plans for her. Plans that’ll change everything she believes if she survives long enough to learn the truth. For the Primani, this is a routine protection detail, but nothing about this woman is routine. Fiercely independent, brave, and sexy as hell, she’s making him crazy. He’s supposed to watch from the shadows, but the more he watches, the more he wants her in ways that break all of the rules.

As their attraction grows, sparks fly and emotions run hot. Sean’s not allowed to mess with destiny, but one moment of weakness awakens a power in Mica that sends her careening down a path towards immortality that no one saw coming.

Accompanied by her demon-hunting Dalmatian, Mica’s pulled into the Primani world of angels and demons until there’s no way out, and she doesn’t want to leave.

Urban Fantasy Romance filled with humor, sexual situations, and intense action sequences.

˃˃˃ Series Description:

Primani are soldiers with supernatural abilities granted by an archangel. They police demon activity that threatens humankind. Before becoming Primani, all were superior warriors (Celts, Huns, Vikings, etc.) with unique psychic abilities. The series follows them as they cross lines, fall in love, and butcher demons to save the world. Living by a loose code of morals, they’re more mercenaries than angels, prone to violence, vengeance, and in the end, sometimes, heartbreakingly pure love. The first three books follow Mica’s transformation from human to immortal after she becomes entangled in the Primani world. Each subsequent book focuses on the unique story of each Primani as they battle both Hell and their own inner demons. Often dark, funny, full of twists, and steamy passion, the Primani series crosses the lines of paranormal romance, metaphysical fantasy, and occult suspense.

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“Neighbors (A Twin Estates Novel Book 1)” by Stylo Fantôme

Neighbors 1 cover

Neighbors (A Twin Estates Novel Book 1)

by Stylo Fantôme

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Romantic Comedy

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Things a good neighbor can do for you:

1. Give you a cup of sugar

2. Let you borrow his lawnmower

3. Water your plants while you’re on vacation

4. Make your eyes roll back in your head

Katya Tocci has never paid much attention to who lives next door – her career always kept her too busy. She’s a good girl, working her way to becoming the most sought after cake designer in all of San Francisco.

But even a good girl’s gotta cut loose once in a while, right? So one fake dating profile later, and she’s ready to tarnish her squeaky clean image. Little does she know, her fun time is closer to home than she ever imagined.

Throw in a neighbor who wants to corrupt her, and another who just wants to own her, and her entire world is flipped upside down.

Who knew neighbors could be so helpful?

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Entire Series is available and on a Kindle Countdown thru Monday 9/3.

Song Lyric Sunday | “Mercedes Boy” by Pebbles


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Song Lyric Sunday was created by Helen Vahdati from This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time. For complete rules or to join in the fun, click here.

The theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week is “car/cars.”


Mercedes Boy is from singer Pebbles’ 1987 self-titled debut studio album. The song was written by Pebbles and produced by Charlie Wilson from The Gap Band.

Mercedes Boy reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100,  number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart, and number two for two weeks on the Dance Club songs chart.


See my Song Lyric Sunday selection for FeliciaDenise.com!


Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

Mercedes Boy

Compiled from Genius Lyrics, Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube.

“Paddy and His Disappearing Daddy” by Elise Lowe

Paddy cover

Paddy and His Disappearing Daddy: A Charming Story Designed to Help Children Understand Why Parents Go to Work

by Elise Lowe

Genre: Children/Growing Up/Facts of Life/Money

1.99 at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

After her little boy became distraught each time his dad left for the office, Elise Lowe created the story of the little leprechaun Paddy and his disappearing daddy. Paddy’s eye-opening adventure, in which he secretly follows his dad to work and subsequently watches him spend his wage, is designed to help young children grasp the concept of earning a living and reduce any anxiety associated with their parents leaving for work.

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