“Diary of a Giraffe: Harry at Bedtime” by Jenny Mitchell

Diary of a Giraffe cover

Diary of a Giraffe: Harry at Bedtime: Bedtime Story Picture Book Helping Your kids Overcome Fears Before Sleep

by Jenny Mitchell

Genre: Children/Family Relationships/Parenting/Grandparenting

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Countdown!


  • An incredibly colorful bedtime story children’s picture book about a very kind giraffe with brown eyes named Harry. He comes to help all kids who cannot go to bed quickly or have bedtime fears and worries.
  • Giraffes long neck reaches any window of the house if needed!
  • Harry’s inspiring stories and magic gifts help every kid to fall asleep calmly and quickly.
  • 25 HD quality pages with bright and exciting pictures will amuse children and their parents.
  • An excellent choice for reading with a child before going to bed or as a gift to preschool children ages 3 4 5 who have the common bedtime problems.

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