If Only in My Dreams (Seven Brides Seven Brothers Book 5)” by Belle Calhoune

If Only in My Dreams

If Only in My Dreams (Seven Brides Seven Brothers Book 5)

by Belle Calhoune

Genre: Inspirational/Contemporary/Romance

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Seven boys adopted from the foster care system by Alec and Maggie Donahue, a loving Irish couple living in Breeze Point, Cape Cod. Now grown men, the brothers are making their way in the world in their chosen professions, each hoping to find a love to last a lifetime. Faith. Family. Honor. And an abundance of love.

Seven Brides, Seven Brothers series

The Millionaire

Self-made businessman Brandon Donahue has walked the halls of Ivy League colleges, conquered Wall Street and built up his small company into a multimillion dollar business. Now, after moving his company to Cape Cod, Brandon is back in the fold of his loving family. Dumped on live television by his supermodel girlfriend, Brandon is more humiliated than heartbroken. Yet he still yearns for the type of love his brothers have found.

Principled beauty, Rose Maddock has been Brandon Donahue’s secretary for five long years. And for all that time she’s tried her best to find things about him to like. In her opinion, he’s arrogant, and way too blunt for her liking. And he seems to think life revolves around his business. When Brandon moves the company to Cape Cod, Rose starts fresh in Breeze Point with her six year old son, AJ. When she strikes a bargain with Brandon that revolves around him including AJ in his family’s holiday events, she begins to see a whole new side of Brandon.
But is it wise to mix business with pleasure?

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Fibromyalgia and Body pain

Fibro Cloud

There are several conditions related to body pain. If your body aches and you are experiencing pain, it is important to find out why. Make sure to speak to your doctor if your pain persists or increases. Also, make an appointment with a doctor you trust if you have more questions or concerns.

The following article will address the several reasons you may be experiencing body pain. Keep reading to understand conditions related to body aches and pain.

Body Pain

As stated previously, there are several conditions related to body pain. Body pain can result from stress and dehydration or from something more serious like fibromyalgia. Listed below are some reasons why you may be experiencing body pain.


Stress negatively impacts your health. When you are stressed your immune system does not respond to inflammation very well and makes it more difficult for the body to fight against diseases. Your body becomes more susceptible to not only inflammation, but also infection. In turn, your body aches. There are additional symptoms to look out for if you are stressed, such as having a higher heart rate, increased blood pressure, shaking, headaches, hot flashes or cold sweats, and hyperventilating. Simple things like meditation, yoga, exercise, walks, and talking to a loved one or friend can help with your stress and lessen your symptoms.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is very important to your overall health. When you do not get enough sleep your body is not able to completely reenergize and recuperate. Everyone needs about six to eight hours of sleep each night. Your body not only needs to stay refreshed, but also your brain requires sleep to stay alert during the day. A few symptoms of sleep deficiency include trouble remembering things, trouble staying awake during the day, trouble speaking, and trouble understanding someone. Try going to sleep and waking up at the same time so your body and mind become accustomed to a sleep schedule. Also, if you have difficulty falling asleep at night, try exercising earlier in the day, meditation, yoga, or drinking tea (with no caffeine) before bed.


Our bodies rely on water, making it an important resource. Staying hydrated helps the body perform daily functions, such as digestion. Body pain and aches may be a result of dehydration. Other symptoms of dehydration involve dark urine, headaches, extreme thirst, exhaustion, and dizziness. Follow the 8×8 rule if you believe you are dehydrated. The 8×8 rule simply means to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. Avoid sugary drinks, such as soda and juice, and instead try drinking as much water as you can. Fruits also help keep one hydrated, such as apples, watermelon, and oranges that have a high water content.

Lack of Vitamin D

Lacking vitamin D can happen if you have hypocalcemia, or a low blood calcium level. Not enough vitamin D means that your body is not able to absorb the calcium it needs. Your body relies on calcium, especially organs like your kidneys and muscles. Without vitamin D to absorb calcium, your body can feel achy. Body cramps, muscle pain, numbness, seizures, and dizziness are signs of a lack of vitamin D.

Cold or Flu

Your body can be achy when you are sick. The cold and flu are viral infections that cause inflammation. Your body aches because your immune system is working hard to fight against the infection. You know when you are sick with the cold or flu because you also experience a sore throat, sneezing, coughing, thick mucus, and/or headaches. In order for a faster recovery, it is important to get lots of sleep. Get enough rest as well as drink plenty of water so your body can heal. Additionally, there are over-the-counter medications to help relieve your body aches and pain.


If your muscles and bones feel achy, it is possible you have fibromyalgia. People with fibromyalgia experience stiffness, trouble sleeping, headaches, abdominal pain, sensitivity to light or sound, and/or tingling sensations in your body. Speak to your doctor if you are experiencing extreme body pain or believe you may have fibromyalgia. There is not a known cause of fibromyalgia, which makes it difficult to treat. However, the symptoms are treatable, which is why it is important to talk with your doctor.

When to Talk to a Doctor

You will need medical attention if you have extreme and lasting symptoms related to body pain. Because body pain is also associated with more serious conditions it is very important to speak to your doctor. Serious conditions related to body pain include: Multiple sclerosis (MS), Histoplasmosis, Lyme disease, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and Pneumonia. For more information, visit the Mayo Clinic site, which lists more causes of muscle and body pain.



The preceding article is from FibromyalgiaTreating.com and posted here for sharing purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

“The Sweet Taste of Murder: An Angel Lake Mystery (Walking Calamity Cozy Mystery Book 1)” by CeeCee James

Sweet taste of Murder cover

The Sweet Taste of Murder: An Angel Lake Mystery (Walking Calamity Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by CeeCee James

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Culinary

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

After a scandalous divorce, Elise returns from the big city to her southern home town. As she tries to get back on her feet, she discovers she has a new friend– a stray cat who’s decided to adopt her.

Life seems to be shaping up when she trips over the body of the town playboy. He leaves behind a heap of trouble that includes missing money, missing pets, and mourning lovers, and the suspects just keep piling up.

Caught in her own drama, Elise is quick to wash her hands of it, until her best friend, Lavina, winds up as the number one suspect.

Can Elise clear her friend’s name without ending up as the next one dead? Or are her friendship blinders keeping her from seeing the truth?

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“The Wild One (The De Montforte Brothers, Book 1)” by Danielle Harmon

The Wild One cover

The Wild One (The De Montforte Brothers, Book 1)

by Danielle Harmon

Genre: Historical/Regency

FREE at time of posting!

“The bluest of blood, the boldest of hearts; the de Montforte brothers will take your breath away.”

England, 1776: Lord Gareth de Montforte is known as an irresponsible rake with a heart of gold. When he takes a bullet for boldly thwarting a stagecoach robbery, he is stunned to discover that the beautiful young woman he has heroically rescued, Juliet Paige, is his deceased brother’s American fiancée, accompanied by her infant daughter. Despite his brother the duke’s refusal to acknowledge Juliet, Gareth is determined to do right by the courageous woman who crossed an ocean to give her baby her rightful name. But Juliet is wary of marrying this black sheep aristocrat, even while she is hopelessly charmed by the dashing devil. Never has she met anyone who embraces life so thoroughly, who makes her laugh, who loves her so well. And, even when it seems the odds are against them, Juliet has absolute faith that Gareth will go beyond the call of duty, risking his life itself to give her and her daughter a home — and a love that will last a lifetime.

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“People Behaving Badly: A Collection of Short Mystery Stories” by John D. Ottini

People Behaving Badly cover

People Behaving Badly: A Collection of Short Stories

by John D. Ottini

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Semi-Finalist in the 2015 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition. (Florida Writers Association)

People Behaving Badly is a collection of thirteen short mystery stories exploring the folly of criminal behavior. Welcome to a world filled with strange and quirky characters where murder, vigilantism, jealousy, infidelity, sex, violence and people behaving badly are the norm.

These short mysteries were written as individual bite-size stories that can be devoured in one sitting. Perfect reading for your bus, train or subway commute to work, while you’re waiting at the doctor’s or dentist’s office, having your car serviced, enjoying a latte at your favorite coffee shop, or whenever you have a few minutes of free time.

Stories Include:

Easy Pickings: A cocky thief meets his unexpected match.

Dumpster Rose: The face of murder may not appear evil.

True Confession: A code of ethics which condones murder.

A Shoulder to Die On: A jealous wife discovers more than she bargained for.

Killer Karma: What goes around will more than likely come around.

The Auditor Cometh: What you say, can and will be used against you.

And much more!

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“Magic Kingdom #9” by Zenith Publishing

Magic Kingdom 9 cover

Magic Kingdom #9

by Zenith Publishing

Genre: Children/Science Fiction & Fantasy/Crafts for Children

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

“Magic Kingdom” is a rich mix of delightful tales and entertaining activities that make this magazine ideal for preschool children and children of primary school age. Your child will be fascinated by bright and colorful illustrations.

Our magazine is specially designed for little hands and growing minds; it will inspire your kids to make their first attempts in reading, painting, drawing, writing. Also, it will encourage your child to play, imagine and explore with his friends. Interesting practical tasks, recipes to cook together with Mums, home workshops and board games give your children opportunity to enjoy time with parents, grandparents and loved ones.

Welcome to the wonderful world of good and wise tales, where everyone can find a pretty princess and naughty king, dwarves and fire-breathing dragons, all-powerful wizards and brave princes.

In this issue:

  • Fairy tale «Moon Cow»
  • Smart little tasks for little ones
  • Moon Secrets
  • Little cookery experts. Menu from the cow
  • Tutti-Frutti home workshop

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“Diary of a Giraffe: Harry at Bedtime” by Jenny Mitchell

Diary of a Giraffe cover

Diary of a Giraffe: Harry at Bedtime: Bedtime Story Picture Book Helping Your kids Overcome Fears Before Sleep

by Jenny Mitchell

Genre: Children/Family Relationships/Parenting/Grandparenting

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Countdown!


  • An incredibly colorful bedtime story children’s picture book about a very kind giraffe with brown eyes named Harry. He comes to help all kids who cannot go to bed quickly or have bedtime fears and worries.
  • Giraffes long neck reaches any window of the house if needed!
  • Harry’s inspiring stories and magic gifts help every kid to fall asleep calmly and quickly.
  • 25 HD quality pages with bright and exciting pictures will amuse children and their parents.
  • An excellent choice for reading with a child before going to bed or as a gift to preschool children ages 3 4 5 who have the common bedtime problems.

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