“Beyond Forever (Once Upon A Bridesmaid Book 2)” by Elle Wright

Beyond Forever cover

Beyond Forever (Once Upon a Bridesmaid Book 2)

by Elle Wright

Genre: Women’s Fiction/African-American/Romance/Multicultural

2.99 at time of posting!

Ryleigh Fields has plans for her life that don’t involve weddings, marriage, or true love. Returning to her hometown is hard, but her agenda is clear: drink, eat, and leave as fast as she can. In that order. But when she stupidly agrees to a wedding pact with her besties and promptly runs into the one guy who could be a game changer, Ryleigh realizes that even the best laid plans can be derailed.

Martin Sullivan travels all over the world for Marshall and Sullivan Consulting. Each destination offers exposure for his software company, more money in his pocket, and a bevy of attractive women. But a trip to his cousin’s wedding, puts him in direct contact with the one woman he can’t stop thinking about.

After consulting on a project, Martin knew he’d met his match with Ryleigh. One perfect night in Brazil, and he was ready to let her know just how much she impressed him, but he never got the opportunity. Now, almost a year later, he has his chance. The problem? Convincing Ryleigh. And like always, he’s up for the challenge.

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“Guarding Her Heart (Crystal Creek Series Book 1)” by Laura Haley-McNeil

Guarding her heart cover

Guarding Her heart (Crystal Creek Series Book 1)

by Laura Haley-McNeil

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Contemporary/Inspirational

FREE at time of posting!

Threatened by a stalker, she turns to the only man who can help her – the man who walked out of her life ten years ago.

Artist Victoria Whitlock escapes the clutches of a stalker only to stumble into the arms of the man she never wants to see again, bad boy prosecutor Garrett Reynolds. To protect Victoria, Garrett whisks her away to an isolated lodge. Major problem for Victoria—how does she help Garrett capture the stalker while guarding her heart against the man who broke it once before?

Garret thought his heart had healed when Victoria left him ten years ago. Garrett’s bigger problem—capture the stalker determined to imprison Victoria. Keeping Victoria safe is no easy task for Garrett, but getting her to trust him is an entirely different challenge. He puts his life on the line to guard the woman who is more deserving of love than any woman he’s known.

But love takes a back seat to the Whitloch-Reynolds feud. At the center is the Crystal Creek Ranch. The Whitlochs own the ranch. The Reynolds are the rightful heirs.

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“A Scone to Die For (Oxford Tearoom Mysteries Book 1)” by H.Y. Hanna

A Scone to Die For cover

A Scone to Die For (Oxford Tearoom Mysteries Book 1)

by H.Y. Hanna

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense/British/Traditional Detectives/Women Sleuths

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

“Scones, a tea shop in England, a kitty & a murder – yes, please!”
When an American tourist is murdered with a scone in her quaint English tearoom, Gemma must solve the mystery with the help of the nosy Old Biddies and a mischievous little feline named Muesli. But between her bossy, matchmaking mother and the return of her old college love as a handsome CID detective, Gemma soon has her hands full and her head spinning!

Murder is bad for business, especially when customers think your scones are more deadly than delicious. With the body count rising and her tearoom going bust, can Gemma find the killer before things turn to custard?
(*Traditional English scone recipe included)

This book follows British English spelling and usage.
Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.
Genre: humorous culinary cozy mysteries, cat cozy mystery series / women amateur sleuth / British detective mystery


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Fibromyalgia & Esophagitis

Fibro Cloud

Fibromyalgia can cause a lot of very unpleasant symptoms. There are the obvious fatigue and chronic pain, but it can also lead to a wide range of other problems including things like chronic itching and frequent urination. But one of the most uncomfortable side effects has to be GERD, or gastrointestinal esophageal reflux disease. Basically, it causes your stomach acid to escape into the esophagus, which can lead to another condition called esophagitis.

Esophagitis can be extremely uncomfortable and make basic things like eating excruciating. So what exactly do you need to know about esophagitis? And what can you do to treat it?

What Is Esophagitis?

Esophagitis happens when the lining of the esophagus gets inflamed. And there are a number of things that can cause this to happen like:

  • Certain medications, including aspirin and ibuprofen among other forms of NSAIDs.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Vitamin supplement, particularly potassium and vitamin C.
  • Infections of the esophagus, especially among people who are immunocompromised.
  • Allergies.

But when it comes to fibromyalgia, GERD is probably the most common reason to develop the condition. When you have GERD, not only does acid escape back into the esophagus, but bits of undigested food can flow up into your esophagus as well. These chunks of acid-covered food can damage the lining of the esophagus, which leads to inflammation.

The symptoms of the condition can range from minor irritation to difficulty swallowing, chest pain so severe that is often confused with heart attacks, nausea, fever, and vomiting.

And it’s also possible to breathe some of the stomach acid into your lungs, which results in a chronic cough as your body tries to expel the acid. And if the damage to your esophagus is severe enough, it may begin to bleed, which leads to blood in your spit or even vomit.

How Can You Treat It?

The best way to manage a condition like this is to make basic lifestyle changes that can decrease the severity of your symptoms. Being overweight is a major risk factor, so making sure to follow a balanced diet and exercise can go a long way towards reducing the effects of the condition. Losing just five or ten pounds can significantly reduce the pressure on your stomach, and makes a huge difference when it comes to GERD.

In addition, smoking can damage the esophagus and irritate the inflamed tissue, as can alcohol. So making sure to drink moderately and not smoke can help as well.

In addition, there are certain types of food that you should avoid. Spicy or fatty foods cause your stomach to produce more acid, which can make GERD worse. And when you regurgitate spicy food back into your esophagus, the chemicals that make it spicy can also be very painful when they come into contact with the damaged tissue of the esophagus. Finally, chocolate and mint are also known to increase the risk of acid reflux.

And instead of eating large meals three times a day, it’s often better to eat more frequent, smaller meals. This gives your stomach a chance to digest the food before it gets too full. Having less space in your stomach makes it more likely that the acid will flow back up.

Many people also find that their acid reflux problems are worse at night. That’s partially because your body is digesting all the food you’ve had for the day and partially because when you lay down to sleep, it’s easier for the acid to flow back out of the stomach. Instead of sleeping on your side, consider elevating your body on a few pillows or a specially designed pad. Elevating your body can help keep the acid in the stomach where it belongs.

Finally, there are a number of medications that you can use to reduce your GERD symptoms. Basic antacids, such as you might get at a drug store, can help. But for severe acid reflux, they usually aren’t enough. Consider seeing a doctor to get some prescription strength acid reflux medications like Prilosec.

It’s also a good idea to see a doctor to have them examine your esophagus. It’s possible that you might actually have a tear in the lining, which lets acid flow into your body and can be extremely dangerous. This kind of tear requires surgery, so it’s always worth having a doctor look at your symptoms and give you some professional advice on what to do.



The preceding article is from FibromyalgiaTreating.com and posted here for sharing purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

“Sins of the Father (Evan Buckley Thrillers Book 3)” by James Harper

Sins of the Father cover

Sins of the Father: A Mystery Suspense Thriller (Evan Buckley Thrillers Book 3)

by James Harper

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense/Crime/Private Investigator

FREE at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

Fifty years of guilt. Answers that do more harm than good. A child who might never have existed.

Fifty years ago Frank Hanna made a mistake. He’s never forgiven himself. Nor has anybody else for that matter. Now the time has come to atone for his sins, and there’s only one person he can trust . . .

Wise-cracking, street-smart private-eye Evan Buckley has had some tough cases in his time. Looking for somebody who might never have existed may well be the toughest, peeling back fifty years of lies and deceit to uncover the tragic story hidden underneath. Trouble is, not everybody likes a happy ending and some very nasty people are out to make sure he doesn’t succeed.

To make matters worse, Evan’s own past is back to bite him with a vengeance, as his nemesis, Carl Hendricks, feeds his festering hatred from his prison cell, and sets a killer with a bow and a grudge on Evan’s tail.

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Song Lyric Sunday | “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” by Billy Ocean


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Song Lyric Sunday was created by Helen Vahdati from This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time. For complete rules or to join in the fun, click here.

The theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week is “drive/driving.”


I tried REALLY hard to stay away from the 80s this week… and failed! 😀

I veered off the path just a bit from this week’s theme of drive/driving to what we drive… cars, so I could post this great dance tune from 1988.

Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car by Trinidadian-British singer Billy Ocean, is based on a line in the Sherman Brothers’ song (famously covered by Johnny Burnette as well as Ringo Starr) You’re Sixteen.  Ocean took the single all the way to number one on both the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Black Singles charts. It also peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart.

Part of its popularity lay in its cutting-edge (for the time) video, which featured animation mixed with live-action sequences.

Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car has been covered several times and used in everything from NASCAR soundtracks to Applebee’s commercials to Saturday Night Live skits.


See my Song Lyric Sunday selection for FeliciaDenise.com!


Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

Compiled from Genius Lyrics, Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube.

“Broken: A Short Story” by Dana Pittman

Broken cover

Broken: A Short Story (Loving Ranch Romance Series Book 0)

by Dana Pittman

Genre: Christian/African-American/Short Story

99¢ at time of posting!

Serafine LeClaire was lost in a world of poor choices. 

Now grieving the loss of the one person she believes she can’t live without, Serafine thought she had more time to right her wrongs. But once again she was wrong.

Journey with Serafine as she learns to let go and embrace a new life of wonder and endless possibilities.

Broken is an Inspirational Short Story and the prequel to the Loving Ranch series. Read as Serafine uses her faith, gifts and scares to change the lives of others…and herself.

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“A Dead Sister (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book 2)” by Anna Celeste Burke

A Dead sister cover

A Dead Sister (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book 2)

by Anna Celeste Burke

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Crime Fiction/Kidnapping

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Countdown!

A down and out meth addict claims to have witnessed the murder of Kelly Fontana, and a decade-old cold case heats up.   

Why would anyone have killed Jessica Huntington’s troubled 19-year-old friend all those years ago? Jessica teams up with Kelly’s handsome cousin, Detective Frank Fontana, to uncover the truth and get justice for Kelly.

Join Jessica and her quirky friends as they try to figure out whodunit and why!
Grab your copy of A Dead Sister by USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Anna Celeste Burke
Like other books in this series, A Dead Sister is free to read with Kindle Unlimited.


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“Kell, the Alien (The Aliens, Inc. Chapter Book Series 1)” by Darcy Pattison

Kell the Alien cover

Kell, the Alien (The Aliens Inc. Chapter Book Series 1)

by Darcy Pattison, Rich Davis (Illustrator)

Genre: Children/Science Fiction & Fantasy/Intermediate Readers/Chapter Books/Aliens

FREE at time of posting!

School Library Journal says, “VERDICT: This fun chapter book series is out of this world.”

Publisher’s Weekly says, “amusing” and “engaging and accessible.

When Dad spills dovitch on their spaceship’s control panel, they crash land on Earth.

When Bree smiles, Kell says, “It’s like the Earth’s sun is shining inside me.”
Without his BFF, Bree, Kell wouldn’t be able to survive 3rd grade.

As new citizens of Earth, the Smith family must figure out how to make a living. Bree is having a birthday next month and wants an alien-themed party. With Kell’s help, the family starts a party-planning business, Aliens, Inc.

An alien party should be as easy as flying from star to star.
But what do aliens know about what Earthlings think of aliens? Can they pull off the party?

Principal Lynx is President of the UFO Chasers. She’s convinced that someone in third grade is an alien!

Will Kell and Bree survive 3rd grade?
Will the Aliens, Inc. pull off a successful alien party?
Will Principal Lynx catch the aliens in their midst?

Come and read this exciting and hilarious adventure with those lovable aliens from planet Bix.

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