“The BC Killer (Tyler Kane Legal Thriller Book 2)” by Michael Pickford

BC Killer cover

The BC Killer (Tyler Kane Legal Thriller Book 2)

by Michael Pickford

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense/Legal

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In the award-winning The BC Killer, A man visits Kane’s office and reveals some strange and confusing information about the murder of a successful businessman that had recently occurred at a local country club.

Before they know it, Kane, his assistant Leann, and his lifelong friend Earl find themselves enthralled in the mysterious agenda of a serial killer with unique and brutal methods of killing. What’s more, Kane fears his client might be the killer.

The authorities dismiss the peculiar markings the killer is leaving on his victims’ bodies, but Kane suspects that the killer is trying to leave a message. But what?

Kane connects the dots and finds that the killer’s agenda goes far beyond a string of seemingly unrelated murders. The shocking truth rocks them to the core, and the killer has them at his mercy. With time running out, and the lives of men, women, and children at stake, Kane and his friends go around the law to do the unthinkable.

Tyler Kane made his appearance in Personal Solicitor, the well-received first novel in the Tyler Kane Legal Thriller series. All novels in this series can be enjoyed as stand-alone stories.

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