“Package Deal (The Hennings Triplets Book 3)” by Stephanie Morris

Package Deal cover

Package Deal (The Hennings Triplets Book 3)

by Stephanie Morris

Genre: Literature & Fiction/Romance/African-American/Erotica/Multicultural

2.99 at time of posting!

Chante Hennings is looking for a man that can satisfy her every need and she has found him—only he doesn’t want the job.

Maxwell “Max” Donahue has suffered through a messy marriage and has the scars to prove it. But the interactions Chante has with Max tells her there is good man underneath all of the scarring. She knows if she gets involved with Maxwell he comes as a part of a package deal. Now she just has to get Max to understand that she’s okay with that. She isn’t looking for a perfect man, she’s looking for a good one and Maxwell is that man.

Maxwell Donahue isn’t ready to become involved with another woman. For the last three years his life has been in shambles. His move to Baxley isn’t only to help his father recover from a recent heart attack, but to get his life back together as well. Unfortunately, his libido won’t let him deny his attraction to Chante, so he tries to avoid her at all cost. He doesn’t realize how difficult that will be until Chante becomes his teenage daughter’s teacher. To make matters worse his daughters have decided that they want a new mother and they have chosen Chante, putting a completely different spin on his carefully laid out plan.

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