“Max E. James: Beach Bound (Volume 1)” by J. Ryan Hersey

Max E. James cover

Max E. James: Beach Bound

by J. Ryan Hersey, Gustavo Mazall (Illustrator)

Genre: Children/Short Stories/Humor

FREE at time of posting!

Looking for a hilarious children’s book that is sure to have your young readers begging for the next chapter? Fans say this family-centered series has kids literally rolling on the floor laughing. Whether they’re just beginning chapter books or reading at an intermediate level, the short chapters are the perfect length for a bedtime story. I have to warn you though, the cliffhangers are popular and have been known to extend bedtime on occasion. Give it a try and I’m confident you’ll soon find the Max E. James series at the top of your child’s reading list.

Max E. James can hardly wait for a fun-filled day at the beach with his big brother Cody. The boys will build sand castles, trap crabs, and maybe even bodyboard. But wait—what about that time last summer when Max was bodyboarding, and got totally body-slammed?! Does he even want to chance another face-crushing, sand-in-his-teeth disaster, just for riding a wave?

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