#Review “Path to Passion (The Astacios)” by Nana Prah


Title: Path To Passion
Author: Nana Prah
Genre: Contemporary Romance


5/5 Stars!

Miguel Astacio gets a chance to correct a mistake he made ten years ago.

Afraid of losing his treasured friendship with Josh Carrington, Miguel rejected Josh’s sister, Tanya, after she professed her love for him.

The saddest part? He was in love with her too.

But it’s ten years later, and they’ve grown into wise, mature adults, right?

Miguel is working on it. He’d already realized he needed a change in his life, and a shot at a key position in his father’s company motivates the former tabloid party-boy to change his ways.

Women mature faster than men, so being two years older than Miguel gives the conservative Tanya the advantage in the wise and mature department, right? Whatever. The woman is dragging more luggage behind her than a porter at LaGuardia. Not only is Miguel’s rejection still foremost in her mind, but poor Tanya is also still smarting from an ugly divorce from Broderick who left her for another man.

These two are thrown together when Tanya needs Miguel’s business acumen to save her floundering nightclub.

It’s more than obvious from page one these two never got over each other, yet, they’re each convinced they would never work as a couple and attempt to find a meeting of the minds to work together to save Tanya’s club.

Miguel is the first to give up the pretense. Tanya is what’s been missing from his life since he walked away ten years and he’s not walking away again. He’ll find a way to convince her and work things out with Josh.

Tanya needs convincing. A LOT of convincing.

She got some of that from BFF, Becca. Everyone needs a Becca in their corner. She knows when to push, she knows when to back off, and she tells it like it is.

Brother Josh provided much-needed insight into past events, and I was like, “YAAY! She needed to hear that! On to Miguel/Tanya-time!”

But no, Tanya needed more.

After a couple of false starts, Miguel owned his mistakes… more than once.

But Tanya needed more.

And I get it. Tanya was overweight in college and had convinced herself—and is still telling herself—her weight was the reason Miguel rejected her. Even though she’s learned the truth from more than one source.

But she is no longer overweight, thanks to the stress of her marriage to Broderick falling apart. Yet, the woman still sees herself as this lumbering behemoth that cannot get out of her own way. She’s 5’7” and a size 12. Shut up, Tanya.

However, I gave her pass. Distorted body image can stay with some people for a lifetime.

But Ms. Tanya isn’t done with me.

She and Miguel have had no contact since… that night. All Tanya knows about Miguel she got from red carpet events on television and the tabloids. The endless parade of women and hard partying of the youngest Astacio is not a good look. Miguel was no angel and admits to it, but I thought it unfair for Tanya to base her opinions on tabloid media. But that was my issue.

Miguel’s persistence pays off though and Tanya gives in – YAAY, they’re a couple! True love wins until it doesn’t.

Tanya is betrayed by someone she trusted and ends up a victim of the same tabloids she judged Miguel by.

Now, this isn’t a good thing and Miguel rushes to protect Tanya from the hateful and humiliating things written about her. But, it’s kind of a good thing because she gets a front row seat at how the media distorts the truth and how ugly they can be. This should lead her to think maybe all those things she read about Miguel weren’t true either, right? It’s a time for solidarity and pulling together, right?

No. Tanya Carrington believes what she reads… again. I didn’t just want to fling my Kindle, I wanted to fling it at Tanya. Sheesh…

Fortunately for her, she’s surrounded by people who love her and have no problem telling her when she’s wrong.

And when Miguel takes Roland’s advice on a big gesture, he goes big as only an Astacio can.

Not everyone flings Kindles or yells at fictional characters (like me), but to me, that’s a sign of a well-written read that pulls you right into the story. Path to Passion is a journey with a bit of mystery and suspense, some snarky humor and smexy times all wrapped up in heartfelt romance. I highly recommend it.




The man who broke her heart . . .
Is the man she now needs more than ever!
Heir to his family’s global empire, branding genius Miguel Astacio turns everything into marketing gold. Only his best friend’s sister seems immune to his magic touch. Until Tanya Carrington comes to him to save her floundering nightclub. Miguel is ready to rectify past mistakes. But will his supreme sacrifice win the heart of the woman he loves?
Add to Goodreads: https://goo.gl/hbCASz


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