“Cole” by Xyla Turner

Cole cover


by Xyla Turner

Genre: Genre Fiction/Romance/Multicultural/Saga

3.29 at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!

When I first saw her in action, I knew. Knew there was something different about her.

I knew that I wanted her. She was sexy in her own right, smooth and no-nonsense. Grown and f*cking beautiful.

That’s what I wanted. What I needed.

A mature woman who knew what she wanted, lived her life and wasn’t looking for someone to help find herself.

I wanted stability.

And I found it.

Found her.

But all hell broke loose.

I was an ex-wife and according to my grown daughter, who still lived with me, the worst mother in the world.

My ex-husband still treated our daughter like she was ten and on most days, she did act the part. I, on the other hand, was looking forward to retirement after serving my twenty-five years in my field. Also, definitely not looking for a man.

A hot and sexy man who made me feel alive again.


I was over that.

I thought I was.

Cole and Bethany are an over 40’s romance novella with the hot and sexy because love and sex have no age limits. This novel is mature, funny and a real HEA.

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