“The Amish Daughter: A Suspenseful Romance” by Rena Hayden

Amish Daughter cover

The Amish Daughter: A Suspenseful Romance

by Rena Hayden

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Short Stories/Christian/Amish

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An Englischer is murdered. Her son is accused. Amish daughter, Mary Anna Lapp, is convinced he is innocent.

Englischer, Cindy Payne, runs a gift shop near Lancaster, PA. Her respect for the Amish way of life is well known around town and she has become acquainted with the many Amish families who frequent her shop.

Cindy’s murder causes fear to spread throughout the community like wildfire, and the police are pressured to quickly solve the mystery of who could have committed such a brutal crime. When Cindy’s own son, Brian, is arrested for murder, Mary Anna refuses to believe that he could be guilty of such a savage act. In the hopes of finding the truth, Mary Anna and her friend, Jacob, begin to investigate Cindy’s murder for themselves.

As Mary Anna and Jacob spend more time together, Mary Anna begins to question her feelings for him. Are they meant to only be friends, or is there something deeper between them? Will Jacob gather the courage to tell Mary Anna the truth?

Will the real perpetrator ever be discovered? Are Mary Anna and Jacob helping to release a murderer or are their instincts about Brian’s innocence correct?

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