“Harry the Whale Loses His Red Bag” by Tasha Hale

Harry the Whale cover

Harry the Whale Lose His Red bag

by Tasha Hale

Genre: Children/Early Learning/Beginning Readers

99¢ at time of posting! Kindle Unlimited!


     This is one of the cute, lovely and sweet stories and contains a valuable moral lesson about effort, solidarity and friendship.

     I hope you and your child will like it too.


One morning, just as Harry the little whale did every day,

He woke up and went on his way.

He quickly swam to the nearby coral reef,

Harry looked at its beauty and never wanted to leave.

He brought his small red bag, it was his favorite thing,

Harry tied it up on one of his fins with a string.

The whale used the little baggie to collect,

He picked rocks and shiny pearls; anything he’d select.

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