“The Judas Cypher (The Synth Crisis Book 1)” by Greg Dragon

Judas Cypher cover

The Judas Cypher (The Synth Crisis Book 1)

by Greg Dragon

Genre: African-American/Mystery & Suspense/Technothriller

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When machine murders man, one detective is the world’s only hope of preventing an all-out-war…

Dhata Mays has become used to living on the fringes. Unlike most of humanity, the detective treats the synth population with the respect they deserve. But when a gruesome murder points to a synth as the perpetrator, Dhata must do everything in his power to discover an explanation before the case goes public.

In a race against time, Dhata discovers a scheme involving cypher hackers, synth prostitutes, and a pair of rival gang bosses that could tear the city apart. When the case puts his loved ones in harm’s way, the investigation becomes personal. For Dhata to keep the uneasy peace, he’ll have to track down the murderers himself, but no one said he had to take them alive.

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“Galdoni Book Two: Into the Fire” by Cheree Alsop

Galdoni Book 2 cover

Galdoni Book Two: Into the Fire

by Cheree Alsop

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/Paranormal/Dragons & Mythical Creatures/Romance

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After The Academy Closes, A Galdoni Struggles To Find His Way

Saro is a Galdoni who finds himself displaced by the closing of the Academy. Eventually, he is taken in by a man, unaware that the man’s motives are directed by a dangerous enemy. As Saro’s world crashes around him, he finds the one thing that was never meant to exist, a female Galdoni.

˃˃˃ Amid Chaos And A Race Against Time, He Finds A Solace He Never Expected

He races against time to save her and in turn finds himself at the mercy of other Galdoni striving to carve their place in the world. Amid the burning chaos that has become his life, Saro finds a solace he never expected, eyes filled with understanding and a smile that steals his heart even though he’s only begun to trust.

˃˃˃ With the fate of the Galdoni on his shoulders, Saro has to decide what’s worth fighting for, and how much he is willing to put on the line.


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“The Birth Map: Boldly Going Where No Birth Plan Has Gone Before” by Catherine Bell

Birth Map cover

The Birth Map: Boldly Going Where No Birth Plan Has Gone Before

by Catherine Bell

Genre: Pregnancy & Childbirth/Motherhood

5.99 at time of purchase! Kindle Unlimited!

Boldly go where no birth plan has gone before! The Birth Map is a powerful document produced through the process of Informed Birth Preparation. This document is used by your support team and care providers and contains your informed decisions regarding various possibilities. The “if this, then that” simplicity of the written document prompts the necessary discussion needed with care providers, reminding all parties of the pre-made informed consent/refusal for various procedures. During your preparations, you will develop an understanding of various interventions and various scenarios that may play out. Being familiar with the range of options, helps you to prepare realistic pathways. There is no One Way. There is Your Way. No Matter What.

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“Kids Are Chancey (Chancey Books Book 5)” by Kay Dew Shostak

Kids Are Chancey cover

Kids Are Chancey (Chancey Books Book 5)

by Kay Dew Shostak

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Family Life

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“A mother is only as happy as her unhappiest child,” they say. But is it true? What if your children are all miserable, Carolina wonders, but your life is finally coming together?

It’s been almost a year since Carolina, her husband Jackson, and their three kids accidentally moved from her beloved Atlanta suburbs to a small town in the Georgia mountains, and Carolina hates small towns. But just as she’s adapting to running a B&B and living in Chancey, her kids are falling apart. Will’s new marriage and new job, are already old. Savannah’s reduced to chasing a guy and she’s playing the Southern Belle to do it. Bryan is labeled a stalker. But maybe worse, is he a world-class liar? Carolina’s friends are having kid worries, too. Laney’s finding the age gap between high school senior and newborn grows with her exhaustion. Susan’s kids too quickly get accustomed, and attached, to their new station in life in their ritzy mountain community. Missus schemes to have her great-grandchild living under her roof, but that means living with a pregnant teenager first.

Why do people keep having kids?

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#BookTour “Cherished Wings (Return to the Home Front Book 1)” by Tracey L. Dragon

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cherished wings coverTitle: Cherished Wings

Author: Tracey L. Dragon

Genre: Historical Romance

When Sara Kennedy returns to her small hometown in Western New York and visits her dying grandmother, Fran, in the hospital, she asks her about the pair of World War II Navy Wings she found in her dresser drawer.

Her grandmother reluctantly shares with Sara the powerfully love story she had not spoken of in over fifty years. As the tale unfolds, Sara finds herself caught up in a time where things were simpler, yet more complex—where love and war were not compatible.

A story so poignant, it rocks Sara’s world and changes her life forever.

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Author BioTL Dragon

Cherished Wings was inspired by my own mother’s story. Although she never spoke of it, my sisters and I all knew of the World War II wings she kept hidden in her dresser. The wings belonged to a beau who was killed during a mission. Upon my mother’s death, I did not find the wings, but I did, however, find a small envelope containing his photos, one which was cut to fit the size of one of her lockets. She also kept the glass top of an old bottle of French perfume called Bamboo. It was from these items that the idea for Cherished Wings was sparked and the characters Fran and Jack were created. I hope you fall in love with Lt. Jack McOmber as much as I did while creating him. Please visit my website: traceyldragon.com. I would love to hear from you. My books are available at Soul Mate Publishing.com, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.


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“The Phony Farkleberry: Twisted Oak Amateur Detectives #1” by Scott Miller

Farkleberry cover

The Phony Farkleberry: Twisted Oak Amateur Detectives #1

by Scott Miller

Genre: Children/Action Adventure/Mysteries & Detectives

FREE at time of posting!

When a painting by legendary artist Thomas Farkleberry is stolen from the art gallery where Tyler’s mother works, Tyler’s mind races to the whispered conversation he overheard on the night of the big gala. But when his mother dismisses Tyler’s suspicions, he and his friends, Melanie, Amanda, Tubby, and Dontrelle, decide to take the investigation into their own hands. Can they crack the case before their parents discover what they are up to?

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