“Reparation (Vigilante Justice Book 4)” by Kristin Harte


Reparation: A Small Town Romantic Suspense Novella (Vigilante Justice Book 4)

by Kristin Harte

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Military/Short Story

2.99 at time of posting!

Book four in the Vigilante Justice series takes us back to the beginning…and finishes something left undone.

Everyone left threads untied in their lives. Mine just happened to be the kind that could make you stumble, could make you fall flat on your face. Could leave a trip line handy for the enemies who would use it against you.

My girl needed safety and security, and I hadn’t given that to her. Not really. Not yet, at least.

To secure her future, I needed to put mine in jeopardy.

I needed to do some killing.

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