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42 thoughts on “Post Your Book Here!

  1. Nesie – I want to take a moment and thank you for kindly mentioning my book on your website. As a new writer, I am incredibly grateful for your generosity and your time. “The Fire Slayers” was interesting to write; it’s all science fiction-y with a love story (of course!), coming-of-age experiences, and then segues into a bit of horror. So, something for everyone. Thank you again, PJ Braley.

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  2. @stinewriting

    I have worked many years with children who suffer emotional disturbance due to poverty, abuse, mental illness. These students were outplaced in the clinical day school I was a teacher at. I know that the parents of the typical kids could not stand that there was that “one kid” who disrupted everyone. So I wrote this book to teach kids that you can still be friends with “that kid”.

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  3. Hi Nesie, are you still accepting submissions? If so, I’d like to mention my teen/young adult novel Musical Youth, the second edition of which was just published. I’m not on twitter but if you’re sharing to other social media like Instagram and facebook you can tag me there (jhohadli on Instagram and Joanne C. Hillhouse on facebook). Here’s the Amazon page for the second edition

    Summary as posted on Amazon:

    Award winning title-2nd place in the 2014 Burt Award for Caribbean Literature.
    #12 in Amazon Hot New Releases – Teen and Young Adult Performing Arts Fiction – in its first month of release

    Featured in Essence Magazine February 2016

    Music, Discovery, Love. Can one summer make the difference of a lifetime?

    Zahara is a loner. She’s brilliant on the guitar but in everyday life she doesn’t really fit in. Then she meets Shaka, himself a musical genius and the first boy who really gets her. They discover that they share a special bond, their passion for music, and Zahara finds herself a part, not just of Shaka’s life, but also that of his boys, the Lion Crew. When they all get roles in a summer musical, Zahara, Shaka, and the rest of the Lion Crew use the opportunity to work on a secret project. But the Crew gets much more than they bargained for when they uncover a dark secret linking Shaka and Zahara’s families and they’re forced to confront some uncomfortable truths about class, colour, and relationships on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

    There are no missteps in this tender coming-of-age romance, only an enthusiasm for love and life that reverberates triumphantly, as both Shaka and Zahara battle their demons with hope’s persistent chorus.-CaribbeanBeat Magazine.

    “Musical Youth is a beautifully crafted novel with the leitmotiv of music running throughout it. This is a powerful and credible story of young love between two likeable heroes.-Burt Award for Caribbean literature.

    Musical Youth is a compelling read because Hillhouse has managed to make readers really care about the characters and their struggles.-Trinidad Guardian.

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  4. Hi Nessie, Thanks for the invitation, this is a link to my short fiction book Impending Disaster for sale at just $0.99 This is a review by: Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

    Impending Disaster by Colin Guest was a pleasant companion as I whiled away a couple hours on the beach. As expected, it’s a short story that takes a reader right in and continues with non-stop action until the end. It’s not always easy for a writer to develop their characters when working within a smaller word count, but Guest does a great job of making them feel authentic. Brevity can also cause problems when multiple subplots come into play, but on that front Guest also had the skill to effectively keep pace and timing in line with his narrative. Whether you’re spending an afternoon in an armchair or on a picnic blanket, this is a good piece of adventure fiction that is easy to recommend to readers who enjoy quick escapes into worthwhile stories.
    his is a recent review that I was pleased to receive.

    Many thanks, Colin Guest

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    1. Hello, Colin!

      Did you miss the post for Impending Disaster? 😱

      It just ran on Wednesday, June 27th. Did well in views on Twitter!

      Here are the links –

      The queue is currently full, but please let know if you like another post later in July.

      Enjoy your weekend (And great review! Congrats to you!) 😊😊


  5. Dear Nessie,

    Thanks so much for the invitation, Nessie. I’m posting a link to one of my children’s books, AMAZING MATILDA. This children’s picture book has been #1 BEST SELLER (#butterflies) for more than 10 weeks and is currently #2. AMAZING MATILDA

    Here’s one of the lasest revviews:
    5.0 out of 5 starsEchoes the Classics, Like Wind in the Willows.
    ByDog Soldieron May 23, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    A delightful read and a treasure for any adult/child or naturalist engaged in cherishing nature. The artwork is beautiful, delicate, and just enough to spur your own imagination. Equally, the prose is comfortable, and full of hope and little gems of wisdom. One of my favorite lines: “When I was just a bit of a bunny, Papa told me I must have patience too.” Echoes such classics as Wind in the Willows.

    My Twitter handle is @BetteAStevens

    Thanks again,

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