“Shadow of Death” by Alison Joseph


Shadow of Death

by Alison Joseph

Genre: Thriller & Suspense/Crime Fiction & Murder/Supernatural & Paranormal

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Agnes is up to her neck in books. Having been asked to help sort out the library of the nearly defunct Order in Bermondsey before the building is sold, she is trawling through piles of tatty Victoriana and mawkish lives of the saints.

However, the 17th-century Hawker archive, a collection of beautifully preserved books on spells and magic as well as hand-written journals, does catch her eye. These tell the story of Alice, her husband Thomas and their daughter who died in infancy.

Alice did not long survive her.

Alice’s story seems to haunt the present.

The building, now an NHS day center for the mentally ill, is the backdrop for a modern mother’s fears for the safety of herself and her child Agnes is increasingly drawn into the predicament of Jeanne-Marie and her daughter Leila as well as Alice’s narrative.

The line between past and present becomes hazy, as Jeanne-Marie, like Alice before her, is prey to the men in her life and depression.

When unexplained and horrible things start happening and Agnes becomes convinced that buyers are after something more than the obvious in the Hawker archives, she hurries to protect Leila and lay some ghosts to rest.

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