“The Photographer (Seductive Sands Book 4)” by Sammi Franks


The Photographer (Seductive Sands Book 4)

by Sammi Franks

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance/Action Adventure

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One determined photographer. One reluctant vintner. Sometimes age is just a number.


I’d been making it as a photographer just fine on my own. My family situation made it difficult to get close to anyone, which worked out perfectly well until I met Charlie. She smiled at me and I turned into a damn awkward teen all over again. I thought we might be onto something, then my life managed to get in the way.


A bad marriage can be a really great learning experience. What did I learn? Never to trust a man again. Never to depend on anyone. Never let my guard down. Then Alex shows up, with his boyish charm, his talent, acting all honest and open. Too bad he’s eight years younger than me. Too bad he bolted too soon.

He wanted a future. She wanted to live in the present. Can two wounded people heal together?


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