“The Kunoichi: Woman Ninja Assassin at the Battle of Okehazama” by Rindo Aoi


The Kunoichi: Woman Ninja Assassin at the Battle of Okehazama

by Rindo Aoi

Genre: Historical Fiction/Asian/Japanese

2.99 at time of posting!

In Ancient Japan, a land divided by various warring countries, four extraordinary young women have been bred to fight in a secret operation. They are Kunoichi, female Ninjas, who, under the disguise of their feminine beauty, have trained as deadly assassins. The leader of this squad is Sakura, a breathtaking beauty who has mastered the art of Ninja and sword fighting.

Two families who control separate countries are preparing for war. One of the leaders, Nobunaga Oda, hires the Kunoichi to help defend his realm. But soon he finds himself falling for Sakura…
“Come closer.”
Her pale rose coloured naked body is dazzlingly voluptuous.

As the battle intensifies he must try to forget the longing of his heart to defeat a fearsome enemy.
“My lord, if you order me not to come with you to the battlefield, you have to make me one promise.”
Nobunaga is startled. “What is the promise?”

Based on real Samurai history, The Kunoichi tells of the period leading up to, and immediately following the iconic battle of Okehazama, bringing these legendary female Ninjas out from the shadow of the battlefield.

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