Song Lyric Sunday | “Don’t Let Go” – En Vogue

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The theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week is “let go.”


Don’t Let Go (Love) from the soundtrack of Set It Off starring Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith, was En Vogue’s last single to feature former member Dawn Robinson (lead vocals), and became En Vogue’s biggest international single, peaking in the top ten of many countries. It hit #5 in the UK in early 1997 and spent 13 weeks in the UK top 40, eight of those weeks in the top ten. “Don’t Let Go (Love)” became the third En Vogue track to peak at #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 where it was the group’s fifth and final Top Ten hit. The song was a #1 R&B song for 1 week becoming En Vogue’s sixth and final #1 R&B Hit to date. The single re-entered the UK chart at number 23 in 2011 after girl group Little Mix performed the song on the eighth series of British television talent contest The X Factor on November 19, 2011: the En Vogue track reached #23 on the UK chart and also returned to the Irish charts at #50.


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Don’t Let Go

by En Vogue

Songwriter: Ivan Matias, Andrea Martin, Organized Noize, Marqueze Ethridge

What’s it gonna be cause I can’t pretend?
Don’t you wanna be more than friends?
Hold me tight and don’t let go. (Don’t let go)
You have the right to lose control. (Don’t let go)[Verse 1]
I often tell myself that we could be more than just friends
I know you think that if we move to soon it would all end
I live in misery when you’re not around
And I won’t be satisfied till we’re taking those vows

There’ll be some lovemaking, heartbreaking, soul shaking
Oh, lovemaking, heartbreaking, soul shaking


[Verse 2]
I often fantasize the stars above are watching you
They know my heart and speak to yours like only lovers do
If I could wear your clothes
I’d pretend I was you and lose control

There’ll be some lovemaking, heartbreaking, soul shaking
Oh, lovemaking, heartbreaking, soul shaking


[Verse 3]
Running in and out my life has got me so confused
You gotta make the sacrifice, somebody’s got to choose
We can make it if we try, for the sake of you and I
Together we can make it right


You’ve got the right to lose control
Don’t let go
Don’t let go cause I can’t pretend


What’s it gonna be?
What’s it gonna be?
Hold me tight and don’t let go

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