“The Summer of Me: A Novel” by Angela Benson


The Summer of Me: A Novel

by Angela Benson

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/African-American/Christian

1.99 at time of posting!

The nationally bestselling author of Delilah’s Daughters and The Amen Sisters returns with a moving story about a single mother who discovers the woman she can be in one unforgettable summer.

As a single mother, Destiny makes sacrifices for her children—including saying goodbye for the summer so they can spend time with their father and stepmother. Though she’ll miss them with all her heart, the time alone gives her an opportunity to address her own needs, like finish getting her college degree. But Destiny’s friends think her summer should include some romance.

Destiny doesn’t want to be set up…until she meets Daniel.  The handsome, warm and charming pastor soon sweeps Destiny off her feet. But is romance what she really wants? Or needs?

As the days pass, Destiny will make new discoveries—about herself, the man she’s fallen for, and the people around her. And she’ll face challenging choices.  But most of all, she’ll grow in ways she never imagined, learning unexpected lessons about trust, forgiveness, and the price of motherhood…and truly become the woman she wants to be.

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“Hampstead Hustle (Charmed & Dangerous Book 1)” by Andrea Carlysle


Hampstead Hustle (Charmed & Dangerous Book 1)

by Andrea Carlysle

Genre: Romantic Suspense

99¢ at time of posting.

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Trust is her business, and one certain way to gain a man’s trust is to let him realize your darkest desires, and then affect them…

Maxine Lennox is bringing the deal of the century to the London art scene. It’s going to make millions and it’s going to make reputations, the only problem is that Maxine is a con artist, and there are no paintings and there is no deal. Instead there are glamorous parties, plush apartments, designer clothes and a thin veneer of respectability that she just has to make last for two more days before she walks away with a quarter million pounds. But Maxine has broken her cardinal rule — never fall for a mark. And when she gives in to the dark and demanding Cedric he shows her a side of herself she never knew she had — Maxine craves the sweet sting of discipline and Cedric knows just how to apply it.
Now the swindle is falling apart and Maxine is facing prison unless Cedric helps her make up for breaking the rules.

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Arthritis vs. Arthralgia

Fibro Cloud

If you’re like a lot of people who suffer from fibromyalgia, you may have noticed aching in your joints from time to time. And if you’ve spent time researching the problem, you’ve probably noticed that the words arthritis and arthralgia both seem to come up when it comes to joint pain.

Understanding the difference between these two terms can be confusing, but it also might be important when it comes to getting an idea of what’s causing your symptoms.

So, what exactly is the difference? And why does it matter when you have fibromyalgia?

Arthralgia Vs. Arthritis

Let’s start with the condition that people tend to be more familiar with: arthritis. Arthritis is really a broad term that describes damage to the joints. The most common symptoms are things like:

  • Joint pain.
  • Swelling in the joints.
  • Stiffness (particularly in the morning).

There’s actually no single disease called “arthritis.” Instead, there are over 100 different conditions that can lead to the symptoms of arthritis. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry. We can actually break it down into four broader categories to help.

First, there’s degenerative arthritis. This occurs when the cartilage, a thin disc of tissue that cushions the bones from each other, wears away. As a result, the bones begin to grind against each other. This makes the joints inflamed and leads to pain. The most typical example of degenerative arthritis is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a common condition among older people, as a lifetime of wear on the joints starts to affect the cartilage. But being overweight or previous injuries can also contribute to the condition.

Second, there’s inflammatory arthritis, a condition where the body’s immune system begins to attack the lining of the joints. Your body naturally produces antibodies that attack and destroy foreign cells like bacteria. But sometimes, these antibodies begin destroying your own cells instead. Rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis are both forms of inflammatory arthritis. And while we don’t fully understand what causes these conditions, genetics seem to play a very important role.

Then, there’s infectious arthritis. As you might expect, infectious arthritis is the result of infection. Bacteria, fungus, and viruses can all infiltrate the body and infect the joints, causing them to swell and leading to arthritis.

The final form is metabolic arthritis. Gout is the most well-known example and is caused by the body failing to break down uric acid. The acid then forms crystals in the joints, leading to sharp spikes of pain.

As you can see, arthritis is a complicated condition. Arthralgia, on the surface at least, is more straightforward. Arthralgia is a term that means “joint pain,” and is used to describe the symptom of having pain in your joints.

Arthralgia is a common complaint because there are many different conditions that can cause it. Arthritis, obviously, is one of them. But anything from an injury to infection to disease can cause joint pain.

The distinction between the two conditions might not seem important. But when you have fibromyalgia, understanding when joint pain is caused by arthritis and when it’s caused by another condition can make a big difference in how you get treatment.

Why Is The Difference Important?

People with fibromyalgia are at a higher risk than the general population of developing a number of different forms of arthritis. But people with fibromyalgia also seem to develop joint pain even when they don’t have arthritis.

Essentially, these people are experiencing arthralgia, but not arthritis.

But because arthritis is one of the most obvious causes of joint pain, and because people with fibromyalgia often develop arthritis, it’s usually the first thing that doctors look for. However, arthritis is often hard to diagnose, and sometimes leaves no visible signs of inflammation.

So it’s possible that someone with fibromyalgia could be misdiagnosed with arthritis. And it can be months or even years before doctors realize that they don’t actually have the condition.

That’s why it’s important to know the signs that joint pain is actually being caused by arthritis.

The most obvious sign of arthritis is swelling in the joints. The skin surrounding the joints is often red and inflamed as well. In addition, stiffness that peaks in the morning is a good sign of arthritis. And if you’re suffering from these symptoms, the odds are better that you have the condition than the kind of general joint pain that comes with fibromyalgia.

Ultimately, only a doctor can really diagnosis what’s causing your joint problems. But by being aware of the different symptoms, you can help increase your odds of getting an accurate diagnosis.


The preceding article is from FibromyalgiaTreating.com and posted here for sharing purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

#BlogTour “My Name is Nelson” by Dylan Fairchild



coverTitle: My Name is Nelson

Author: Dylan Fairchild

Genre: Thriller

President Andrew MacIntyre was having a pretty good first year in the Oval Office.  Suddenly, during what should have been a peaceful Christmas season, he’s facing one of the worst national security crises in American history.  And it’s being masterminded out of a sleazy, New Mexico strip joint?  What the hell?

Is this a political thriller?  Or is it science fiction?  A zany comedy?  Perhaps it’s a love story.  Whatever it is, it’s a riveting page-turner with a little sex appeal, and a lot of laughs.  If “Doctor Strangelove” can find the humor in nuclear war, then surely there’s a little bit of laughter lurking in unmanned aviation, as well as some serious, heartfelt moments.

It’s little wonder White House National Security Advisor Chet Addington* said this was, “Pretty much the best novel ever.”**

* Absolutely, positively, not a real person

** He’s been known to be wrong about stuff



Author BioDylan Fairchild

Dylan Fairchild is the pen name of a Virginia-based indie author.  He usually lurks in a different genre.

“My Name is Nelson” is the author’s first thriller.  It’s a genre-busting blend of humor, action, political-military intrigue, romance, and science fiction.  “The Indie View” awarded it “five-plus” stars and said “in terms of sheer storytelling mastery, it’s one of the best books we’ve seen in a while.”  The book is dedicated to “all the men and women who work so tirelessly to protect our nation.”

The author can be found on Goodreads.com, and he is happy to reply to any questions, comments, or witty ridicule of his photo.



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“Sweet Masterpiece (Samantha Sweet Mysteries Book 1)” by Connie Shelton


Sweet Masterpiece: A Sweet’s Sweets Bakery Mystery (Samantha Sweet Mysteries Book 1)

by Connie Shelton

Genre: Cozy/Mystery/Paranormal/Culinary

FREE at time of posting!

When she’s not baking her delectable pastries Samantha Sweet breaks into houses for a living, and that almost certainly leads to trouble. When she finds an unmarked grave on a property in a remote spot in Taos County, New Mexico, Sam calls in the authorities. A small mural painted inside a closet in the abandoned house provides clues and Sam is caught up in an investigation alongside the good-looking Deputy Beau Cardwell. A fortune in artwork, a bogus will, and a wooden box that seems to give Sam powers she never dreamed she possessed–it all adds up to a dynamic paranormal romantic mystery.

Then, there is all that chocolate! Sam’s real goal in life is to use her elegant baking skills to open her own pastry shop, Sweet’s Sweets. She’s gaining quite the reputation as a baker with a magical touch, but a few obstacles stand in her way. Her grown daughter shows up on her doorstep–jobless and homeless; her bank account is at an all-time low; and trying to work from the tiny cramped kitchen in her home is becoming impossible.

Somehow, Sam copes and she finds that her dreams might just have a chance of coming true.

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“Goodnight iPad: A Parody for the Next Generation” by Ann Droyd


Goodnight iPad: A Parody for the Next Generation

by Ann Droyd

Genre: Computers & Internet/Parodies

6.49 at time of posting!


In a bright buzzing room, in the glow of the moon-and iPhones and Androids and Blackberries too-it is time to say goodnight…

Modern life is abuzz. There are huge LCD WiFi HD TVs and Facebook requests and thumbs tapping texts and new viral clips of cats doing flips. Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodnight to all that? Like the rest of us who cannot resist just a few more scrolls and clicks, you may find yourself ready for bed while still clinging to your electronics long after dark. This book, which is made of paper, is a reminder for the child in all of us to power down at the end of the day. This hilarious parody not only pokes loving fun at the bygone quiet of the original classic, but also at our modern plugged-in lives. It will make you laugh, and it will also help you put yourself and your machines to sleep. Don’t worry, though. Your gadgets will be waiting for you, fully charged, in the morning.

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