“Deliver Me (The Holmes Brothers Book 1)” by Farrah Rochon


Deliver Me (The Holmes Brothers Book 1)

by Farrah Rochon

Genre: Contemporary/Romance/African-American

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After being dumped by her boyfriend and passed over for yet another promotion, Monica Gardner moves to New Orleans, determined to make a name for herself as the new attending ER physician at Methodist Memorial Hospital. As for men–she’s through with them. But when given the chance to chair the hospital’s annual charity banquet, Monica must elicit the help of gorgeous Ob-gyn Elijah Holmes.

Eli will do anything to thwart his matchmaking Mama’s plan to reunite him with his high school girlfriend. So, when the sexy new ER doc asks for his help in planning this year’s charity banquet, Eli devises the perfect scheme: He’ll help put on the best banquet the hospital has ever seen, if Monica poses as his new girlfriend. But when Eli finds himself falling in love, he realizes convincing Monica of his true feelings may be his greatest delivery yet.

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“The Pirate Who’s Afraid of Everything (Shivers)” by Annabeth Bondor-Stone


The Pirate Who’s Afraid of Everything (Shivers)

by Annabeth Bondor-Stone, Connor White, Anthony Holden (Illustrator)

Genre: Children’s Books/Imagination & Play/Pirates/Humorous

1.99 at time of posting!

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Recommended for summer reading by The Huffington Post!

“When Shivers sets sail, adventure—and laughs—abound.”—Tom Watson, author of the Stick Dog series

Meet Shivers, the scaredy-est pirate to ever sail the Seven Seas. Along with his best friend, Margo, and his loyal fishmate, Albee, Shivers battles a giant squid, discovers hidden treasures, and gets pooped on by a pigeon to save his parents from the clutches of evil. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll never eat snails again. So put on your pantaloons, batten down the hatches, and join Shivers on his first (but still very dangerous) adventure.

Comic book–like illustrations in each chapter bring Shivers to life and invite even the most reluctant readers to join the adventure.

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Fibromyalgia and Things to Avoid

*I don’t agree with all of these, but many may find some benefit in these tips.

Fibro Cloud


1- Avoid doing unplanned items

Planning your work is very important. It may not be very easy to do many things at a time.

Some people especially women who are highly responsible take care of many things in their family. While doing so they forget about their body condition and stress so much.

This can lead to complications in the body and they end up giving no rest to their body.

When you have fibromyalgia condition, consider doing things by having a list in your hand. Avoid doing things that are on the list.

2- Avoid wrong people

Mingling with wrong people can be dangerous. Some people will not understand the pain that you undergo. They either de-motivate you or speak to you in such a way that you are incapable of doing something.

You have to be strong by yourself and avoid the company of wrong people who don’t give any value to you.

3- Stop explaining yourself

You may find it difficult to do something. But it is not necessary that you should be providing an explanation to everyone. Just say that you can’t do it and walk away.

If you start to explain things to them, not everyone will understand you. It is better to avoid such situations and move on.

4- Forget your past

Some people live more with their past. It is fact that you would have been a capable person in the past.

But the fact is that you have to accept the incapability on certain things and have a positive attitude towards the things that you are still capable.

Worrying about the past will not strengthen you in any aspect. Just wipe it off and walk you can do for the future.

5- Don’t be jealous of others

When you look at people who are doing so many things in their life, it is quite obvious that you will be jealous thinking about your incapability.

You have to have something in mind that you are always special. There will definitely be something that you can do which they can’t do.

After all, everyone has limitations on what they do. In some way or the other, they may not be able to do something but you will be able to do. Think about it and move on.

6- Stop worrying about perfection

You would have been a perfect person in the past. But due to your inability, your perfection level would have gone low. But there is nothing to worry about it.

You can still bring perfection to the things that you are currently capable of doing.

Ignore the fact that people around you are in perfect and think that you should be perfect on the things that you are capable of doing.

7- Avoid alcohol consumption

High alcohol consumption is something that people with fibromyalgia usually do.

There are several reasons for it. Alcohol provides them a state where they will be able to forget things and move on easily.

Also, the other fact is that people, when they find difficult to sleep with fibromyalgia pain consume alcohol to get good sleep. But this is something that should be avoided.

When alcohol goes away from the bloodstream, it leads to a wide-awake state where you find it very difficult to sleep.

In some cases, during such situations, people also experience more pain in their body compared to the normal state.

8- Keep exercises in limits

People are very much focused on getting a relief from their fibromyalgia symptoms. In order to do that, they take various steps out of curiosity. One such step is to do exercises.

Considering the fact that exercises are very good to keep the body fit, it is also important to know that it should be kept under limits. Too much of exercise beyond your capability can create further complications leading to other problems in your body.

9- Stop comparing yourself to others

Fibromyalgia is something more to do with a mind for some people compared to their body. When people get fibromyalgia they naturally develop anxiety and stress in their mind.

The depression is also increased leading them to get confused about little things. Some people start to compare themselves with others thinking that others are capable of doing something but they are finding it difficult to even move from their place due to severe pain in their body.

For every person, there will be bad times but you have to be strong and self-motivated to overcome bad times.

10- If something is not okay express it

People have a bad habit of not expressing what they actually think in their mind. It is okay to express if something is not right.

If you have someone by your side, it is good to express the suffering that you undergo. They may not be able to cure it for you but they will be able to support you or help you with the burden.

It is also said that when the pain is expressed to someone the pain level psychologically reduces.

Your lifestyle may be different to that of others with the symptoms of fibromyalgia but when you do things in the right way with the good amount of self-confidence, you will be able to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Some small changes to your life can be very helpful in suppressing all your problems and provide you a good quality of your life.



The preceding article is from Fibromyalgia.net and is posted here for sharing purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

“I Will Love You Forever: A True Story about Finding Life, Hope & Healing While Caring for Hospice Babies” by Cori Salchert


I Will Love You Forever: A True Story about Finding Life, Hope & Healing While Caring for Hospice Babies

by Cori Salchert

Genre: Spiritual Growth/Inspirational

FREE at time of posting!

A True Story about Life, Love, and Healing through Heartbreak

As Seen on Kathie Lee & Hoda on 12/21/17!
A baby girl was born without a right or left hemisphere of her brain. Doctors said she was essentially in a vegetative state, unable to see or hear—that there was no hope for her. Relinquished under the state’s Safe Haven Law, this two-week-old unnamed baby girl found her way to Cori and Mark Salchert’s home. Despite the infant’s grim medical diagnosis, Cori knew she couldn’t allow this beautiful baby girl to spend her few days on earth alone and unloved. Cori took the baby girl home and named her Emmalynn .

I Will Love You Forever reveals one woman’s decades-long quest to find healing and redemption after the accidental death of her sister as a child. God has used hospice babies—those left to live and die without family to care for them—to mend Cori’s broken heart. Bringing these fragile hospice babies into their home, Cori and her family have promised to hold them briefly, until their last breath on this side of heaven, but to love them forever and always. The loving actions of Cori and her family show that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

Cori’s poignant story will strengthen your faith. . . It will touch your heart.

Bonus! Features full-color photos of Cori and her family.

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“A Kiss to Die For (Boxed Set)” by Elizabeth Rose


A Kiss to Die For (Boxed Set)

by Elizabeth Rose

Genre: Historical Romance/Historical Fiction/Ancient World/Scottish

Kindle Unlimited!

Murder, mystery, and romance; this collection of four full-length novels has it all. A murder has taken place in each story. Come along for the adventure as the heroes and heroines search for answers and find love and romance along the way.

This boxed set includes:

The Baron’s Bounty – Book 2
Barons of the Cinque Ports Series
(Medieval Romance)

Scottish Lady, Isobel MacEwen’s only weakness is her love of shoes. Sent as her cousin’s proxy to marry the English baron, Lord Conlin de Braose, she witnesses the Scottish king’s murder on the road one night. However, she has only seen the killer’s feet and can only identify him by his shoes. Can a Scottish proxy and a baron of the Cinque Ports keep their alliance when one of them is suspected of being a murderer?

Ruby – Book 1
Daughters of the Dagger Series
(Medieval Romance)

Lady Ruby de Burgh is betrothed to Lord Nyle Sheffield – a man who is known as the Lord of Death. He’s has three wives murdered in the past month, and now he is looking for a pawn to flesh out the killer. Will murder and mayhem place a wedge between an unconventional wife and the Lord of Death, or bring them closer together as emotions are brought to the surface?

Summer’s Reign – Book 2
Seasons of Fortitude Series
(Medieval Romance)

When Summer’s abusive husband is found dead in his bed, the rumor is on everyone’s lips that he was murdered. Summer is a single mother granted permission from the king to choose her next husband. However, when Sir Warren Mowbray, her late husband’s nephew shows up asking questions, she wants nothing to do with him. Can a strong, determined woman who is the main suspect and a controlling warrior find love between them or will they destroy each other first?

Doubting Thomas – Book 1
Tarnished Saints Series
(Contemporary Romance)

Thomas Taylor, a single father of six young boys, has been accused by the town of murdering his second wife. Angel DeMitri works for Child Protective Services and comes to Thunder Lake on vacation. While there, as a favor to a friend, she decides to investigate Thomas to determine if he is a good father. A tortured man and a woman trying to do her job come together in challenging circumstances that will change both of their lives forever.

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“Drained (An Agent Hank Rawlings FBI Thriller Book 1)” by E.H. Reinhard


Drained (An Agent Hank Rawlings FBI Thriller Book 1)

by E.H. Reinhard

Genre: Thriller & Suspense/Crime/Police Procedural

FREE at time of posting!

A known serial killer is once again taking lives in Chicago. Bodies drained of blood are being strewn across the city.

For former Tampa homicide sergeant, Hank Rawlings, tracking down the man responsible for the killings becomes his first assignment at his new position, agent in the FBI’s homicide division of the serial crimes unit.

Almost before the ink dries on the new job’s acceptance papers, Hank finds himself in Chicago, knee-deep in an investigation with a mounting body count.

While every lead brings him and his partner closer to the killer, the one that puts them directly in front of him threatens them most.


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