“Fabled (Fabled Hunters Book 1)” by Kara Jaynes

Fabled (Fabled Hunters Book 1)

by Kara Jaynes

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy/Mythology & Folktales/Fairy Tales

FREE at time of posting!

Isabelle has one goal: win the tournament and become the next Fabled Hunter.

Isabelle’s just a girl who wants to go to Archeress Academy. But when her father loses his fortune at sea, Isabelle’s dream is shattered.
She sets out to seek her fortune, and in a strange twist of fate, soon finds herself in a quest to become a Fabled Hunter. They are the king’s police force in the Four Provinces, and if Isabelle can win, she’ll become one of the most powerful women in the realm.
Does Isabelle have what it takes to win? Who can she trust? Secrets, lies and magic lie thick in this fairy tale world and nothing is as it seems.


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