“Child of Privilege” by Ross Ponderson


Child of Privilege

by Ross Ponderson

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Women

2.99 at time of posting!

Riding a bus bound for nowhere, nineteen-year-old debutante Dana Van Werner clung to a slender hope, an unbreakable will, and a few hundred dollars. Her nightmares clung to childhood memories of verbal and emotional abuse, terror, and physical violence at the hands of her father.

While she had escaped her gilded prison, lurking in the darkness was the “real world” of buses, sexual predators, jail cells, exploitation, and fleabag motels—survival skills seldom taught in finishing school.

She was also being followed by her father’s investigators: mercenaries competing for the bounty the powerful, deranged lawyer was offering for her return.

One thug in particular was obsessed with mixing pleasure with business.

Dana would endure a physical attack, robbery, arrest and incarceration, and an evening as a stripper in a seedy bar before finding refuge and love with a kindhearted deputy sheriff.

But abuser and survivor would eventually face each other again in a violent and climactic showdown, a confrontation that would tear open a lifetime of hidden scars.

This is an adult novel dealing bluntly with a contemporary issue. However, it more importantly showcases a woman’s determination, courage, and strength in the face of devastating pain.

Come meet this remarkable woman and share her story.


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