“Shifters of SoHo” by J.S. Striker

Shifters of Soho Cover

Shifters of Soho

by J.S. Striker

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampires/Witches & Wizards

99¢ at time of posting! (LIMITED TIME ONLY!)

The Shifters of SoHo are powerful alphas ready to fight to the death for their kind and the women they love. Enter the deadly seductive worlds in J. S. Striker’s all new series.

Book 1: Jack – Jillian Jones has everything going for her: a great job, a generous salary and a peaceful life in the sought after neighborhood of SoHo, New York. One day it all vanishes and she is dragged into a world she doesn’t even know exists—one that’s too magical and too outrageous to comprehend. Soon, she’s caught up in a secret that would have many others running away. And there’s no person to rely on other than a dangerous man who’s too attractive for his own good…

Book 2: Kasper – Kasper has always lived a semi isolated life, something that’s a choice and a necessity at the same time. It’s all disrupted when a certain fairy comes marching through his front door: bold, feisty and offering a mission he has no choice but to take. It’s all standard at first—until one night changes everything between them, and he finds himself fighting not just the enemy but feelings he shouldn’t be having.

Book 3: Xian – Xian has always had one goal in life: to protect his tribe and do what’s best for them, even at the cost of his pride. His plans are already in place for the future of his kind until trouble comes in the form of a woman, one who’s human and too opinionated for her own good. But he might have use for her yet…so long as he can ignore those pretty blue eyes trying to reel him in.

Grab your copy at $0.99 from April 20 – 23!

Mature Content.

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