13 Habits of Ridiculously Prolific Writers


by Meg Dowell

Sometimes, writing less leads to deeper, more creative thinking.

Have you ever wondered how some writers manage to write thousands of words every day — while you can barely squeeze out 500 words after an hour of trying (and failing) to focus? How do so many successful writers publish so much — even though one success could carry their careers for years?

These are the habits of writers who cannot stop, who refuse to stop, who somehow  do this writing thing and don’t suffer creative burnout in the process.

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“Hostile Witness: A Josie Bates Thriller” by Rebecca Forster

Hostile Witness cover

Hostile Witness: A Josie Bates Thriller (The Witness Series Book 1)

by Rebecca Forster

Genre: Literature & Fiction/Thriller & Suspense/Legal

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When sixteen-year-old Hannah Sheraton is arrested for the murder of her stepgrandfather, the chief justice of the California Supreme court, her distraught mother turns to her old college roommate, Josie Baylor-Bates, for help. Josie, once a hot-shot criminal defense attorney, left the fast track behind for a small practice in Hermosa Beach, California. But Hannah Sheraton intrigues her and, when the girl is charged as an adult, Josie cannot turn her back. But the deeper she digs the more Josie realizes that politics, the law and family relationships create a combustible and dangerous situation. When the horrible truth is uncovered it can save Hannah Sheraton or destroy them both.

“This story was inspired by a case my husband handled. As a superior court judge he had to sentence a minor to life in prison. It made me wonder how I felt about minors arrested for violent crimes. Are they most vulnerable among us – capable or horrible violence, perceived as adults and yet emotionally still children?” Rebecca Forster

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“The Follow (The Follow Series Book 1)” by Eliza David

The Follow cover

The Follow (The Follow Series Book 1)

by Eliza David

Genre: Literature & Fiction/Erotica/African-American

2.99 at time of posting!

New hire Shauna McIntyre joins The Charisma Group, a New York-based talent agency specializing in social media management. Even though she has never been much of a fangirl in her personal life, Shauna expects that her signature professional task is managing the online fandom of her famous clientele. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with one of them.

R&B sensation King Smith has made a career of singing soulful tunes and strumming his guitar for his adoring fans. King also harbors a secret: he’s in recovery for sex addiction. When King lays eyes on Shauna, the crooner with a craving for no-strings lust decides to change his life in an effort to hold on to her.

Once King is tempted by the admiration of a persistent online fan, Shauna has a decision to make. When professional lines are blurred and relentless love takes hold, will Shauna sacrifice her rising career for an affair with a famous man with a seemingly insatiable thirst for his fandom?

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“Caramel Surprise (Ready for Love Series Book 1)” by Ja’Nese Dixon

Caramel Surprise cover

Caramel Surprise (Ready for Love Series Book 1)

by Ja’Nese Dixon

Genre: Short Story/Multicultural/Romance

FREE at time of posting!

Is Sandra ready to risk her heart again?

Sandra James is successful with great friends, employees, and a booming business. But she’s been unsuccessful at finding true love until her best friend and co-worker suggests a blind date.

Sandra owns Coffee Confessions, a small Houston cafe, serving up coffee, books, music and good ole’ fashion southern hospitality, which keeps her shop full of eclectic patrons at the cost of her personal life. She yearns for a man of her own, but will all hell break loose when a love lost and love anew collide?

Buy this book, grab a cup of your favorite joe and prepare for an entertaining story filled with romance, suspense, and laughter as Sandra dares to give love a second chance.


CARAMEL SURPRISE is a clean romantic suspense short story and Book 1 in a series that you can read as a stand-alone or as part of the series…and it pairs well with your morning coffee.

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Ready for Love Series: Sweet Contemporary Romance

Book 1: Caramel Surprise

Book 2: Love’s Hope

Book 3: Hidden Desire

“The Moon in the Palace” by Weina Dai Randel

Moon in the Palace cover

The Moon in the Palace (The Empress of Bright Moon Duology Book 1)

by Weina Dai Randel

Genre: Historical Fiction/Asian-American/Chinese

1.88 at time of posting!

Winner of RWA RITA® Award 2017
Goodreads Choice Awards “Best Historical Fiction” semi-finalist
RT Book Reviewers Choice “Best First Historical” nominee
Recommended by Texas Library Association’s 2017 Lariat Reading List
A San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention

There is no easy path for a woman aspiring to power.

A concubine at the palace learns quickly that there are many ways to capture the Emperor’s attention. Many paint their faces white and style their hair attractively, hoping to lure in the One Above All with their beauty. Some present him with fantastic gifts, such as jade pendants and scrolls of calligraphy, while others rely on their knowledge of seduction to draw his interest. Young Mei knows nothing of these womanly arts, yet she will give the Emperor a gift he can never forget.

Mei’s intelligence and curiosity, the same traits that make her an outcast among the other concubines, impress the Emperor. But just as she is in a position to seduce the most powerful man in China, divided loyalties split the palace in two, culminating in a perilous battle that Mei can only hope to survive.

In the breakthrough first volume in the Empress of Bright Moon duology, Weina Dai Randel paints a vibrant portrait of ancient China–where love, ambition, and loyalty can spell life or death–and the woman who came to rule it all.

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“Flesh and Blood (Lone Star Mobster Book 1)” by Cynthia Rayne

Flesh and Blood cover

Flesh and Blood (Lose Star Mobster Book 1)

by Cynthia Rayne

Genre: Thriller & Suspense/Western/Romance/Organized Crime

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For love or money.
Things can’t get any worse for Belle. She’s down to her last ten bucks and can’t make the rent. Belle needs a job, any job.

And that’s when she’s abducted by mafia henchmen.

Dix is a mob boss and being bad pays damn good. Since his wife died, he’s thrown himself into work, until he meets Belle. He offers her a job, she can’t afford to refuse…his mistress.

And Dix steps into the unlikely role of protector when someone tries to abduct Belle. But who’s after her?

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“Devil’s Lake (Bittersweet Hollow Book 1)” by Aaron Paul Lazar

Devil's Lake cover

Devil’s Lake (Bittersweet Hollow)

by Aaron Paul Lazar

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense/Crime Fiction/Kidnapping

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After two years of brutal captivity, Portia Lamont has escaped and returned to her family’s Vermont horse farm—only to find her parents gone to New York to try an experimental treatment for her mother’s cancer, and her childhood friend Boone Hawke running the farm.

Like the rest of her family, Boone has never given up hope that Portia would return. But when she turns up battered, skinny as a twelve-year-old boy, afraid of everything and unable to talk about what happened, he does the only thing he can—try to help her heal. He summons the town doctor and Portia’s parents, and sets out to put this beautiful, broken woman back together again.

Through her family’s love and Boone’s gentle affection, Portia gradually comes back to herself, and starts to fall for her old friend in a whole new way. But one thing threatens her fragile hope for recovery: The man who took her promised that if she ever escaped, he’d kill her. Slowly. And someone is definitely watching her…waiting to make his next deadly move.

NOTE: This book contains explicit sexual content. For adults only!


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