#Review “Outcast (Sacred Amulet Book 1)” by Kiru Taye

Outcast cover
Title: Outcast
Series: Sacred Amulet Duet
Author: Kiru Taye
Genre: Paranormal /
Fantasy / Romance
5/5 Stars!

African mysticism, ancient tradition and cultural mores make this short read a page-turner.

Evil forces have attacked the Ure, a demi-god tribe of shifters, and taken the Sacred Amulet of Uwa. In the wrong hands, the amulet can open the gates of hell and cast the earth into darkness.

Ebube is one of the warriors charged with retrieving the amulet and destroying the dark forces.

Separated from his search party, Ebube is severely wounded. His own amulet ripped from his neck, Ebube is unable to shift and self-heal and lies near death in the jungle.

This is when Ugo’oji finds him.

Young healer, Ugo’oji, lives apart from her village. Shunned for an offense which led to the deaths of her family, Ugo has carved out a life with the only person who speaks to her, elderly grandmother, Nne.

After years of isolation, finding and healing the wounded warrior will change Ugo’s life and bring her much attention… from the warrior, her village… and the gods.

Ugo is a great character!

She may be young and not knowledgeable about worldly things, but she’s not blindly naïve either.

Ugo follows her tribe’s rules and lives in exile… and harbors resentment for it. Who wouldn’t? But this is where Nne and her wisdom keep Ugo grounded and in check. Hate and contempt will taint Ugo’s gift, and Nne teaches her regardless of how people treat her, she alone is responsible and accountable for her actions.

Drawn to each other, Ugo and Ebube both try to deny what they feel. He, because mating with humans is forbidden by the gods, and she because of the humiliation of her banishment.

But the wrath of the gods and the condemnation of her people are not enough to keep these two apart.

Or keep nosy people out of their business.

The easiest way to get a man’s attention is to let him know another man is interested. When the couple is seen together at the river, news spreads quickly through the village, and Odili, someone Ugo has known since childhood, shows up at her home acting concerned for her welfare… after five years of silence.

Whatever, dude.

After he calls Ugo “a sweet fruit, ripe and ready to be plucked”, she understood his intentions…and I gagged!

Ugo stands her ground. She is shunned. He’s not even supposed to be there. But he persists, saying he could come see her in private… using assisting her elderly grandmother as an excuse. *Cue Luther Vandross’ Your Secret Love. *

Of course, Ebube ain’t having it and stakes his claim. Unfortunately, he must rejoin his search party soon and find the sacred amulet. Ugo will be left alone to deal with the challenges coming her way… and there are many.

This author delivers another engrossing read that pulls the reader in and teaches them a few things! Download Outcast today!



OUTCAST (Sacred Amulet, Part 1)
Ugo’ji is an outcast, an untouchable. She lives on the fringe of society as the lowest of the low, a living sacrifice to the gods. The only person she interacts with is her aged grandmother who nurtures her powerful gift of healing. Until the day she meets Ebube a strange warrior to their lands. He ignites a yearning
within her she’s unable to ignore.
Ebube is drawn to the young maiden with the emerald green eyes who possesses the body of a goddess and the healing touch of an angel. But he is forbidden from mating with a human and the consequence is the wrath of the gods.
Moreover he is on a mission. If he fails, the gates of hell will be opened and the earth plunged into darkness. He cannot stay and she cannot go with him.
A twig snapped. Ebube froze for a heartbeat. Unsure of what was approaching, he
reached for his scabbard still strapped to his hips.  Without making a noise, he withdrew the
dagger in a slow fluid motion. The trees and shrubs around him provided some
cover for him. He wouldn’t be seen until he was ready to attack.
Footsteps walked in his direction. Human? Knife poised to strike, he manoeuvred his
aching body into a crouching position.
As the leaves of the shrubs in front of him parted, he swung his leg out tripping
the creature. The person tumbled down onto the ground beside him and he
pounced, his dagger already on its downward motion.
Then he froze.
It was a young woman.
Her scream rent the air as his arm stopped mid-swing. His grip on his weapon
tightened. His other hand held her side down firmly. Soft, smooth, warm skin
trembled beneath his palm.
He stared at her, fixated by her allure. The shape of her face reminded him of an
eagle’s egg, beautiful and fragile, full of inner strength. Eyes the vibrant
green of okra twirled in the cream of ukwa stared back at him with fright. They
held him captive and he fell into their depths, barely aware of his increased
breathing and heart rate.
For the first time today, his spirit beast roused, alert and pushing to get to
the fore.
The feral creature living in him had just laid claim to the maiden which made
her…  Mine. The word whispered again in his mind.
This girl was his bond mate? The woman destined to be his life partner? This
couldn’t be. She was human. Her life force undulated beneath his skin as proof.
He was Ure, part human and part god. A supernatural being. He wasn’t permitted to
bond with humans.
But his spirit beast had never risen before without the amulet to connect them. Yet
it had done so on this occasion.

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#ReleaseBlitz “All Knighter (Knight Ops Book 1)” by Em Petrova

All Knighter

by Em Petrova
Publication Date: April 3, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Military Romance

Read for FREE in KindleUnlimited: Amazon

Ben Knight has held a lot of titles—devoted son, big brother to six siblings, captain of the Marine’s Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team and his best-known gig of Louisiana playboy. But the ladies are just going to have to understand that his time’s stretched thin when he takes on the leadership of a new special ops force.

With his brothers as sidekicks.

Worst idea ever. But a decision Ben has no control over, and control is his middle name. Actually, it’s Bartholomew but thank God nobody knows that, except one pretty little brown-eyed Cajun girl with access to too much information about the Knight family and an oh-so-sweet sassy mouth. A mouth that he’s never forgotten even though it’s been three months since he’s last had her in his bed, against a wall and over a barstool.

Dahlia was a victim of the notorious Ben Knight’s love-’em-and-leave-’em lifestyle, and it ticks her off that she can’t forget him. Maybe it’s that bad-boy smile or the way he looks like sin poured into low-slung jeans. When he comes sniffing around again, her libido makes her jump into action—and straight into a world of secrets surrounding Ben. Leading her to question whether her heart can withstand a life with a man who might not be alive tomorrow.

About Em Petrova

Em Petrova was raised by hippies in the wilds of Pennsylvania but told her parents at the age of four she wanted to be a gypsy when she grew up. She has a soft spot for babies, puppies and 90s Grunge music and believes in Bigfoot and aliens. She started writing at the age of twelve and prides herself on making her characters larger than life and her sex scenes hotter than hot.

She burst into the world of publishing in 2010 after having five beautiful bambinos and figuring they were old enough to get their own snacks while she pounds away at the keys . In her not-so-spare time, she is fur-mommy to a Labradoodle named Daisy Hasselhoff and works as editor with USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter | Goodreads | Amazon | Instagram | Pinterest

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#BlogTour “She’s Bad News” by Elle Spellman


CoverWhat would you do if you woke up with super powers?

For Bella Brown, life hasn’t gone according to plan. She’s almost thirty, still living in her uneventful hometown, and her dreams of becoming an investigative reporter have fallen by the wayside.

That is, until she wakes up one morning to find she’s been gifted with some amazing new abilities. What’s a girl to do with heightened senses, super speed and the ability to lift a truck one-handed? Bella quickly discovers that her new powers can easily help her land front-page leads at local newspaper The Hartleybourne Gazette.

Soon Bella’s out every night chasing down local criminals for stories, while keeping her powers a secret from everyone besides flatmate Chloe. But when a burglary-gone-wrong accidentally turns her into the mysterious Hartleybourne Heroine, Bella finds herself on the front page for the wrong reasons. Her secret becomes harder to keep as she tries to track down the source of her powers, and especially when crime reporter Matt Gilmore is intent on unmasking the town’s new vigilante…

Suddenly, having an extraordinary life is far more dangerous than she ever imagined.



She’s Bad News follows Bella Brown, an aspiring journalist in a small town who thinks that luck is against her – that is, until she wakes up with super powers.

In this extract, Bella, an admin at the Hartleybourne Gazette, feels ready to face the pub after being humiliated at work. But first, she decides to take one of the diet pills she’s being forced to review, just to prove to her boss that they don’t work.

 At least, not in the way she’d expect…

 Once inside, I rushed towards the bathroom, peeling off my sweat-encrusted clothing on the way. I opened my bedroom door, kicked off my trainers and hurled my dirty clothes into the growing pile of laundry in the corner of the room. Working on the BodiBurn story had taken up most of my spare time for an entire week, and I hadn’t got round to chores.

The warm water felt good against my aching body. Invigorating. By the time I stepped out ten minutes later and padded out to my room, smelling more like a tropical paradise than sweaty feet, I was in a more positive mood. The workout had been a blast. My muscles were aching, but it was a good kind of pain. With a towel draped around me, I put my glasses back on, quickly tamed my frizzy hair back into its usual ponytail, and dabbed on some lip balm.

I was only going for one solitary drink, but I knew how quickly one drink descended into two, and before you knew it, you were four ciders down and putting the world to rights. So I knew that driving Delilah might not be the best of ideas. The pub wasn’t far, and there was a bus stop just round the corner, so I reached for my bag to check for some change. As I rummaged around, my fingers brushed against the familiar envelope lying dutifully in the confines of my satchel.

I pulled it out.

‘NARCIS diet supplements – now YOU can join in with this brand new weight loss phenomenon! Research has proven that NARCIS UltraBoost is one of the most effective slimming techniques on the market today, guaranteed to help you shed the pounds in just seven days.’

Seven days? Bullshit, I thought. This was absolute nonsense, nothing more than a fad aimed at the insecure. The little tub might as well have had a different message emblazoned across it. You don’t like your body, do you? Of course you don’t. It’s awful. How about something to help with that?

I turned to grab my clothes, and came face to face with my reflection in the full-length mirror that leaned against the wall. Michelle had left it behind. There I was, beneath my warm bedroom light, my normal, everyday self.

I dropped my towel. Now I was completely nude. Nude besides my glasses and the pills I was holding in one hand. I looked at the pills, of the little blissful jumping woman on the front, and then back at my reflection. I saw what I always saw, but then I looked again.

I stepped forward and looked. Really studied myself. Giving myself a detailed once-over, looking for the bits I didn’t really notice the first time. The way my short legs led to curvy hips, which were dappled with cellulite at the top. The roll of belly that would usually peek out from over my jeans, concealed by my favourite flouncy tops, was out in full force now, and I watched myself as I grabbed the soft skin between my hands. My shoulders, dusted with light freckles, were rounded and pale. Not thin. Not muscular, like Chloe’s. But that was okay, wasn’t it? That was just the way I was. The way I looked didn’t affect anything. Staring in the mirror, I was already second-guessing, and that fact alone made me want to take those NARCIS pills and flush them all straight down the toilet.

But then I remembered I had to review the stupid things. What was I meant to say? Save your money – terrible for your body, worse for your soul? Layla wouldn’t let that slide. Not at all.

I could already feel my mood start to dwindle towards irritation. “No,” I told my naked self in the mirror. “Not going to happen!” I wasn’t in the office – Layla was not going to get to me. Not tonight. Not anymore. I’m not sure if it was to do with all those newly-released endorphins, but I was feeling pretty damn determined.

If Layla wanted a review, then she would get a review. If these things were as useless as I expected, then I wasn’t going to lie to my readers. Okay, so my readership mainly consisted of Chloe, a few old ladies and my mother, but still. It was a matter of principle.

I cracked the tub open, shaking out a little white pill into my hand before checking the directions.             ‘Cruelty-free!’ Well, that was a good start. At least I wasn’t going to be ingesting the fruits of bunny-murder. ‘Take no more than one capsule per day, preferably with food…’

I’d eaten a cheese sandwich before the self-defence class. That’d do. Carefully I took the tablet between my fingers, and swallowed it in one gulp.

There. “Done,” I said, with a hint of smugness.


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Author Bio Elle Spellman

Elle Spellman is a writer and comic book geek living in Bristol, UK. She’s been writing since a very young age, spending her childhood afternoons penning stories about fictional adventures, and illustrating them too.

Now, Elle tends to write contemporary fiction with kick-ass heroines and a little bit of magic. She’s Bad News is her debut novel, and she’s just finished working on her second. Her other interests include running, wine, red lipstick, the paranormal, and all things Batman.



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“True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa” by Michael Finkel


True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa

by Michael Finkel

Genre: Nonfiction/Biography & Memoirs/Journalism

1.99 at time of posting!

Now a Major Motion Picture Starring Jonah Hill & James Franco and Distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures

When New York Times reporter Michael Finkel meets accused killer Christian Longo–who has taken on Finkel’s identity–his investigation morphs into an unforgettable game of cat and mouse. True Story weaves a spellbinding tale of murder, love, deceit, and redemption, following Finkel’s relentless pursuit of the shocking truth.

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