#Review “The Fifth Wheel” by L S Fellows


5/5 Stars!

The victim of a hit-and-run accident, Fern Mortimer now lives her life in a wheelchair. The former social butterfly has shunned friendships and close ties since a careless driver changed her life five years ago.

Fern has no qualms about re-entering the workforce. It’s dealing with people on a personal level she’s leery of.

Dubbing her ‘The Ice Queen’, friendships are slow to form with her new coworkers, all except perky Nessa Sullivan, who’s bound and determined to be Fern’s friend.

Reader Alert! – That is a CLUE! Pay attention!

When a buddy backs out of a planned girls’ holiday, Nessa badgers Fern to take her place so the others don’t lose their deposits and for Fern to get out and have some fun.

It’s anything but fun when the five young women are together for the first time. Nessa hasn’t shared any info about Fern with her friends about Fern’s wheelchair… or frosty attitude.

The group slips into a not-too-antagonistic friendship and the holiday proceeds.

I thought I knew where this story was headed but I was waaaay off course!

The attention of a handsome restaurant manager brightens Fern’s mood during the vacation. But everyone is not who they claim to be, and the group is frantic to find Fern when she disappears and her wheelchair is found at the bottom of the pool.

The mystery of Fern’s disappearance takes a malevolent turn when identities and motives are revealed.

As Fern attempts to restart her life, someone with a grudge is out to end it.

The Fifth Wheel is the prequel to the recently released Casualty of Court and that’s where I’m headed next! Grab this quick read to get the captivating backstory and meet me there!




The Fifth Wheel – A Prequel (The Blackleaf Agency Series Book 0)

by L S Fellows

Genre: International Mystery & Crime/Suspense/Literature & Fiction/Short Story

99¢ at time of posting!

Fern Mortimer has mastered the art of being invisible. Since a hit and run accident five years ago left her wheelchair-bound, she has become a recluse in her parents’ home.

After finally venturing back into the real world, she struggles to make friends and trust anyone. Getting the nickname of The Ice Queen at her new place of work does little to build her confidence.

However, one young woman, Nessa Sullivan, sees through Fern’s mask and is determined to be her friend. A mission that only months later sees Fern joining Nessa and three others on a well-deserved and much-needed holiday to the Portuguese Algarve.

During the holiday, Fern is seduced by a handsome restaurant manager, raising her mood and her hopes of a romantic entanglement whilst also robbing her of her usual common sense and sound judgement.

So, why is her wheelchair now lying capsized in the infinity pool and a body is spotted out at sea? Where is Fern Mortimer?

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The story continues in Casualty of Court (The Blackleaf Agency Series Book 1).

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