How to Balance Quality with Quantity to Write More, Better



by Meg Dowell

Writing a lot and writing well at the same time? It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

I know of writers and overall content creators who publish a new piece of content every day — and their work is usually good. But not always great.

I also know of creators who publish new content less frequently — and it’s always phenomenal.

And then there are those people who can crank out new stuff every day and CRUSH IT (meaning dominate, succeed, do a really good job) every time.

How do those superhumans do it?

Turns out they aren’t superhuman at all (disappointment). They’re just really good at taking a really big mess of a thing, trimming it down to something more compact, polishing it quickly, and getting it out there with just enough time left over to do it all again.

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“In the Best Interest of the Child” by Felicia Denise

Best Interest cover

In the Best Interest of the Child

by Felicia Denise

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Psychological/Child Abuse/Romance

2.99 at time of posting!

Severely injured in an accident that forever changed her life, ten-year-old Olivia becomes another faceless, under-served child in foster care. With no time to mourn or grieve, the young girl is easy prey for uncaring social workers and ambivalent foster families.

Olivia quickly learns to hold her tongue and mask her emotions. Even when exposed to neglect, bullying, and assault, no one seems to care. Holding fast to the teachings of her late father, Olivia ages out of the system broken, but no longer a victim.

Now a successful child advocate attorney, Olivia is a passionate voice for children. However, a routine case assignment by the court plunges Olivia back into the trauma of her childhood. If she doesn’t face her demons, a child will be sent into foster care, and Olivia will lose the only chance at love she’s ever had…or wanted.

Foster care for her young client is not an option. But Olivia’s emotional scars run even deeper than she realized. Reconciling with her past means Olivia must confront the one woman she blames for her battered soul.

A woman who has no idea who Olivia is.

NOTE: This book is intended for 18+ only due to language, sexual activity and scenes of child abuse and near-rape. Those with emotional triggers should reconsider purchasing this book.

REVISED August 2017.

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#Review “True to Herself” by Barbara M. Webb

 True to Herself cover

True to Herself

by Barbara M. Webb

Genre: Mystery & Suspense/Psychological/Romance


4/5 Stars!

When Moira Capaldi finds her husband of ten years in their bed with another woman, she takes the opportunity to realize a lifelong dream—leave her teaching job in Sydney and return to small town English life to pursue a career as an artist.

It’s easier said than done.

After a short holiday to clear her head, Moira resigns from her teaching position, files for divorce and heads for the UK.

I don’t fault Moira for leaving, I just didn’t care for all the effort she took in avoiding Guido Capaldi. She’d done nothing wrong, and I felt a face-to-face confrontation was called for.

Of course, I didn’t know the whole story yet.

The mind-numbing, time-consuming bureaucracy of re-establishing her English citizenship is a piece of cake compared Moira’s struggles with herself.

Extreme changes in her finances, living arrangements… and the weather cause Moira to second-guess her decision to strike out on her own.

She begins to settle into an easy peace, slowed at times by her interactions with her growing network of acquaintances… and a surprise supernatural element.

Three of Moira’s acquaintances are women experiencing their own personal dramas.

Zara is a gallery owner who gives Moira her first job. She appears to run hot and cold, is always concerned about money, and is too protective and forgiving of a frequent rude and abrasive customer to the gallery.

Felicity is a trip. She’s a successful, well-known—but not big name—artist who’s forsaken motherhood for the sake of her art career in a male-dominated field. And her marriage is falling apart.

Teacher and former dancer, Scarlett, is Moira’s closest confidante. And she’s in counseling because her marriage is falling apart.

There’s also two men—Mike and Tony–who enter Moira’s life. She connects with them on different levels and both leave her puzzled for different reasons.

True to Herself is an engaging read. The situations aren’t unique or uncommon but watching Moira Capaldi and her supporting cast tackle the emotional issues of life in their own way held my interest and kept me turning pages. I wouldn’t trade places with any of them though and didn’t always agree with their decisions… but I understood.

Moira reveals what drove her hasty exit from Sydney, as well as her behavior in her marriage. A short time later, a family emergency requires a return down under. Many long-held issues are laid to rest for Moira during the trip, but before she can leave the country, she suffers a vicious attack.

Despite her personal humiliation and wounded dignity, the attack seems to push Moira forward in high gear, making her more aggressive and decisive.

It would appear other characters moved forward as well… with some interesting couplings.

While I can appreciate characters/stories continuing on past a book’s end, some things felt unresolved to me.

  • Moira mentioned “being the eldest” but no mention of siblings was made again, and I thought there would have at least been contact during the family emergency.
  • – the attack on Moira was violent and malicious, but there was only mention of a restraining order, with no follow-up.
  • The wedding engagement! Who? What? How? WHY?
  • – the situations of Scarlett, Felicity, and Zara were messy and unconventional, and I felt no ‘closure’ for any of them…especially Zara.
  • – the supernatural events were easily explained but confusing as they were supposedly all tied to the cottage itself and didn’t feel all-encompassing.
  • – Moira’s romantic interests… feels like Choose Your Own Adventure.

Like I said, some things felt unresolved TO ME, however, my issues don’t keep True to Herself from being an enjoyable read, and I do recommend it.




The year is 1985. The first British mobile phone call has been made, and the first debate in the House of Lords has been televised.

What brings four women together in West Gidding a village near London? Scarlett Hughes is a sexy, dark-haired teacher who was a Bluebell dancer in Paris in her youth; Zara James, an eccentric art gallery owner, who escaped from what was known as Yugoslavia, harbours a secret; Felicity Green, a talented water colourist, refuses to have children in order to carve out a place for herself in a male-dominated art world; and then there is Moira Capaldi, formerly an international air hostess, who comes all the way from Sydney, Australia.

Resigning from an established career in education, vacating her marital Sydney apartment overlooking the Pacific Ocean and abandoning her wayward husband, Guido, Moira Capaldi arrives in West Gidding to follow her passion for art and develop her painting skills.

Instead, the neatly devised plans are disrupted when romance unexpectedly seeks her out on the Greek island of Leros, and Australia lures her back for a short visit with devastating consequences.

Does Moira need to address the demons of her past before she can embrace any happiness in the present?


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“Dancing At Midnight: The Life of June Parker” by Rebecca Yelland

Dancing at Midnight cover

Dancing At Midnight: The Life of June Parker

by Rebecca Yelland

Genre: Literature & Fiction/Historical/Romance

2.99 at time of posting!

AWARDED THE INDIE B.R.A.G. MEDALLION FOR LITERARY FICTION. After a fifteen-year absence, Carolyn Graves has returned to her childhood home following the death of her mother. With the purpose of settling her mother’s estate, Carolyn attempts to push past the emotions of their strained relationship – and her own anxiety issues – to quickly complete the process and be on her way. But as Carolyn begins to sort through her mother’s private documents, she discovers a disturbing history behind her mother’s early life. As a result, Carolyn learns the truth about her parent’s relationship and the secret they have kept hidden for decades.

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#BlogTour “Coming Darkness” by Susan-Alia Terry


coverArchangel Lucifer lives a comfortable life of self-imposed exile with his vampire lover, Kai. When the other Archangels come to him with a problem — Heaven is gone and their Father is missing — he refuses to get involved because not only is it not his problem, but it’s probably some elaborate ruse they’ve cooked up to lure him back into the fold. When he’s personally attacked, he finds that he’s wrong on both counts. There are other powerful gods at work, gods who believe the current creation is flawed and must be destroyed.

Kai is thrown off balance when Lucifer disappears, and his life begins to spiral out of control. In the past, he never cared that he was looked down upon and called Lucifer’s pet. But with Lucifer absent, he’s left to navigate a world that doesn’t respect him. Since the only true currency is respect, he must gain it the only way his enemies will understand, through blood.

Kindle Unlimited

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Author BioSusan-Alia Terry

They say it’s never too late to find and pursue your passion. Turns out they’re right. Although Susan loved to read, she didn’t start writing until she was in her late 40’s. A stint in grad school helped her hone her craft, and now she happily spends her days making up stories and figuring out how best to emotionally (and sometimes physically) torture her characters.



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“Unforgettable Suspense – Hot and Dangerous (Unforgettables Book 5)”

Unforgettables cover

Unforgettable Suspense – Hot and Dangerous (Unforgettables Book 5)

by Multiple Authors

Genre: Romance/Sports/Anthology

99¢ at time of posting!

Eight electrifying page-turners will keep you spellbound and in love with characters you won’t want to leave. Read about a young girl’s retaliation, intrigues and crimes in a high rise, secret loves, lies & passion, revenge, dead bodies and virgin pool boys. These gripping stories will offer heart-pounding entertainment until the very end. If you like unforgettable suspense then you’ll LOVE this collection.
New York Times and USA Today best-selling, award-winning authors present the first romantic suspense collection in the UNFORGETTABLES SERIES.

SWEET RETALIATION, Mimi Barbour, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: A gripping story about one woman’s quest for justice!

NEIGHBORS AND MORE, Mona Risk, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: When a neighbor dies in a Florida High Rise, it’s suddenly too close for comfort in the building.

POOL BOY WANTED: No Experience Preferred, Dani Haviland, USA Today bestselling author: He’d never known a woman before, and that’s just how she liked it.

HEAT LIGHTNING, Joan Reeves, New York Times and USA Today bestselling: Amnesia stole her memory–her life! What Tessa doesn’t remember may be the death of her.

SECRET LOVE, Natalie Ann, Award-winning author: Danger is just as blind as love.

SHEER PLEASURE, Patricia Rosemoor, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: Annie never dreamed her fantasies would lead to danger.

Rx MISSING, Rebecca York, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: Are Marc and a group of strangers trapped in a mind-control experiment?

SPIRIT OF A CHAMPION, Nancy Radke, USA Today bestselling author: A champion who won’t quit. Even when men are sent to kill her.

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“The Story of the Easter Bunny” by Katherine Tegen


The Story of the Easter Bunny

by Katherine Tegen, Sally Anne Lambert (Illustrator)

Genre: Children’s Books/Holidays/Animals/Celebration

99¢ at time of posting!

Everyone knows who the Easter Bunny is. Each year, he comes with a basket of painted eggs and chocolates for children. But not everybody knows where he comes from. On a snow-cold day in a snug little house… So begins the true story of the Easter Bunny!

With gorgeous and peaceful art, this fresh, innovative story describes how one little rabbit became a legend. The perfect addition to Easter baskets!

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