“Last Dance” by Renee Fowler


Last Dance

by Renee Fowler

Genre: Romance/Multicultural/Sports

Kindle Unlimited


We were both eight when she moved into the house up the street.
Fourteen when I first kissed her.
Twenty when I married her.
Twenty five when I lost her forever.
Six years after her death, I’m still trying to cope.

Our daughter is my life. She’s the reason I get out of bed in the morning, and all I have left to smile about.
The day I go to sign her up for ballet lessons, I meet Anna and suddenly I have another reason to smile.
Anna is beautiful and talented. My daughter loves her, and I think I’m starting to love her too, but letting go of the past is harder than I thought.
How can I have a future with someone new, when I’m still consumed with memories of my late wife?


I was eight when I had my first dance lesson.
Eighteen when I landed a spot in a prestigious ballet company.
Twenty three when I got my first soloist role.
Twenty eight when my whole world got ripped apart by a reckless driver.
Now I’m alone in a new town, teaching instead of performing.

Ballet used to be my whole life until I met Jack, and realized how much I was missing out on.
I wasn’t looking to fall in love, and I never expected to get my heart broken.
My best friend tried to warn me. Jack is a single dad, and widower. It was bound to get messy and complicated.
And I don’t do messy or complicated. I never have, until now.

*** This is a 77,000 word stand alone romance with no cheating, or cliffhanger. It does include some adult content and a happily ever after***


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