“The Senator’s Daughter” by Amaka Azie


The Senator’s Daughter

by Amaka Azie

Genre: African/Romance

2.99 at time of posting!

Rita, the only daughter of billionaire Senator Obaseki, hides behind her reputation as a spoilt, wealthy heiress with no ambition to cover up a painful past.

Former soldier Nosa Edosa, believes the Senator to be the epitome of greed and political corruption. Failing to bring him to justice through legal means, his last-ditch effort involves kidnapping the man’s daughter.

The plan is simple, the execution flawless … until love gets involved. Neither Rita nor Nosa are what they seem, and as they discover themselves in this quest to right her family’s wrongs, they suddenly have something too precious to lose—their hearts.

Experience the thrills of Nigerian politics, sizzling romance, and perilous suspense in this action-packed love story by Amaka Azie.


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“The Little Mermaid & Other Fairy Tales (Illustrated with Interactive Elements, Hardcover)” by Hans Christian Andersen


The Little Mermaid & Other Fairy Tales (Illustrated with Interactive Elements, Hardcover)

by Hans Christian Andersen

Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales

Featuring beloved characters such as the Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, and the Snow Queen, a deluxe full-color edition of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tales, illustrated with stunning drawings and interactive artwork from Mina Lima, the award-winning design studio behind the graphics for the Harry Potter film franchise—the perfect companion for fans of the Disney live-action film The Little Mermaid which will include a mix of songs from Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alan Menken.

Nearly two hundred years after its publication in 1837, Hans Christian Andersen’s timeless fairy tales continue to inspire young imaginations. This beautiful unabridged edition brings together many of the Danish writer’s favorite stories that have become literary classics, including The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, The Snow Queen, The Princess and the Pea, The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and more.

The thirteen stories in The Little Mermaid and Other Fairy Tales are illustrated with specially commissioned artwork and ten exclusive interactive features including:

  • A dial with six mermaids
  • A Duckling transforming into a swan
  • Mattresses that pull away to reveal a pea
  • The Snow Queen’s palace

Gorgeously designed, this keepsake illustrated edition—the fourth book in Harper Design’s series of re-imagined children’s classics—will be treasured by readers of all ages for generations to come.


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Fibromyalgia and Childhood Trauma

Fibro Cloud

It sometimes feels like we’re learning something new about fibromyalgia every day. And usually, the major medical breakthroughs provide evidence for things that people who are actually suffering from fibromyalgia have known for a long time.

For instance, if you spend enough time in the fibromyalgia community you’ll hear stories of people who were abused as children. Maybe you were even a victim yourself. But while these kinds of stories are prevalent, there hasn’t been much attention drawn to the idea that maybe these two issues are related. But it turns out fibromyalgia and childhood trauma may be much more closely linked than we ever thought.

Let’s look at the evidence.

The Link Between Fibromyalgia And Childhood Trauma

People in the fibromyalgia community have known for a long time that there seems to be an unusually high prevalence of childhood abuse among fellow fibro warriors. In fact, among people with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, almost 48% in a recent study had a history of being abused. Now compare that number to an estimate of what the rate of childhood abuse is in the general population (25%).

So essentially, those numbers suggest that people with chronic pain were almost twice as likely to report having been abused as the general public. Now, the fact that people experience fibromyalgia and childhood trauma together at a higher rate than the general public doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a connection. As the old saying goes, correlation and causation are not the same thing.

But that huge disparity suggests that there must be some link between fibromyalgia and childhood trauma. And as a result, scientists who study fibromyalgia are beginning to look closely at the issue. A number of recent studies have examined this link between fibromyalgia and childhood trauma and found that there is a definite relationship between the two.

In fact, the two are so closely related that having suffered childhood abuse is now seen as a significant risk factor for developing fibromyalgia. That means that experiencing childhood trauma actually seems to play some role in causing you to develop fibromyalgia. So why is it that childhood trauma seems to make you more likely to develop fibromyalgia?

How Childhood Trauma Contributes To Fibromyalgia

Let’s preface this by saying that childhood trauma will not, by itself, cause you to have fibromyalgia. No one knows for sure what causes fibromyalgia, or what specifically is happening in the body of someone with fibromyalgia as opposed to someone who doesn’t have the disease.

But there does seem to be a mechanism through which traumatic events in your childhood makes you more likely to develop fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, any idea about what this is specifically is just speculation at this point.

However, a good candidate for this mechanism would be stress. The relationship between stress and fibromyalgia is already well documented. Stress not only makes the symptoms of fibromyalgia worse and causes flare ups, it actually seems to change the way your brain is structured according to the National Institute of Health.

So what’s the link between fibromyalgia and childhood trauma? Well, think about it. We know that stress changes the way your brain works, and who can imagine a more stressful experience than living with childhood trauma. After all, that kind of suffering doesn’t stop when you’re a child.

It strikes you when you’re most vulnerable and your brain is still developing. And then it follows you for the rest of your life.

So essentially childhood trauma changes the structure of your brain. And if fibromyalgia is a condition that originates in the brain as many doctors now believe, then it makes sense that these negative changes make you more likely to develop fibromyalgia later in life. But even if fibromyalgia doesn’t originate in the brain but in the immune system as some believe, then stress would still account for this mechanism.

Chronic stress weakens your immune system. But counter-intuitively, it can also make it more active by increasing your body’s production of cytokine cells, which are the source of immune system inflammation. So it could be that the chronic stress of childhood trauma is triggering the immune system cycles that cause fibro-like tissue flare ups.

What Can You Do?

One of the most important things to do when you’re a victim of childhood trauma is to get the proper emotional support. This is never truer than when you are also dealing with fibromyalgia, which by itself is emotionally crippling. See a therapist or seek out the support of other people in the fibromyalgia community.

In fact, studies suggest that not only will talk therapy help you deal with the emotional pain, but it can less your fibromyalgia pain as well.

So what do you think? Are your fibromyalgia and childhood trauma linked?


The preceding article is from FibromyalgiaTreating.com and posted here for sharing purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. For additional information, please visit their website or consult your physician.



“Switch of Fate Prequel” by Lisa Ladew, Grace Quillen


Switch of Fate Prequel

by Lisa Ladew, Grace Quillen

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampires/Witches & Wizards

99¢ at time of posting!

Love follows no rules…

Growler and Anna begin their lives at the cosh, a place with only one rule: A switch may not favor only one shifter, because it makes her weak. This is a rule Anna has no choice but to break, as Growler steals her heart again and again.

Boss cuffed him on the back of the neck and forced him to bend as they headed into the meadow. “Keep your eyes down.”
The other alphas were already strolling across the meadow as men, hard males all, they headed for a stage to the far side of where Growler had dropped the vampire head at the feet of Anna. She’d looked as beautiful as he had remembered. There had been many fair switches in the meadow, but none had called to him like Anna. He could not have taken that vampire head to anyone else.
Up onto the stage the alphas manhandled him. “Stand tall, that the switches may examine you,” Boss told him.
Growler did so, knowing he’d passed the alpha’s tests, and he could raise his chin.
One switch with long dark hair, caramel skin, and a plain white dress that stirred the imagination stopped in front of them. “His name?” she said to Boss.
“Growler,” Growler growled.
The switch laughed and covered her mouth. “Such a fyne name. It fits you. You were the one growling in the forest this morning?”Growler nodded once. When the switch gave him one last coy smile and wandered off, he set his eyes to look for Anna. She was near the center of the circle, looking lost, nearly wringing her hands, her sister talking urgently to her. His eyes never wavered from her, as the alphas seemed to wait for something. They all stood on the stage, and switches openly gazed at them from seats and perches.
A pair of switches passed in front of them, eyeing him up and down. He growled, because he could not help himself. It was what he did. Boss cuffed him on the back of the head.
Anna had heard his growl. She looked up, seeing him for the first time. Recognition crossed her face, then a smile. He was glad to see it. He stood a little taller, shook out his muscles a bit more…

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“A Year of Second Chances” by Buffy Andrews


A Year of Second Chances

by Buffy Andrews

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance/Christian/Western

99¢ at time of posting!

One wish list, a whole new future!

When Scarlett comes across a box containing her most precious items from her teenage years, she’s forced to confront the adult she has become. As a divorced mother of two twentysomethings, Scarlett has to admit her life has ground to a halt! Whatever happened to that girl whose hopes and dreams were so naively displayed in a wish list for her life?

So, armed with the list, Scarlett sets about checking off each and every item possible, determined to fulfil her promises to her younger self. Some are easy. Dancing in the rain? Bring on the next thunderstorm! Marrying her high-school sweetheart? Not so easy when married Jake lives clear across the country!

But what started out as a challenge to herself quickly takes on a life of its own, catapulting Scarlett out of her slump and into a life even her younger self could never have dreamed of!

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“Long Shot” by Kennedy Ryan is #Live and #Free in Kindle Unlimited!


Special release price:  $2.99! (Goes up soon!) 

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Think you know what it’s like being a baller’s girl?
You don’t.
My fairy tale is upside down.
A happily never after.
I kissed the prince and he turned into a fraud.
I was a fool, and his love – fool’s gold.
Now there’s a new player in the game, August West.
One of the NBA’s brightest stars.
Fine. Forbidden.
He wants me. I want him.
But my past, my fraudulent prince, just won’t let me go.

*Certain aspects of this story may be sensitive for some readers.