“Branded by the Sheriff: A Western Sheriff Reunion Romance” by Delores Fossen


Branded by the Sheriff: A Western Sheriff Reunion Romance

by Delores Fossen

Genre: Western/ Romantic Suspense

99¢ at time of posting!

[Branded by the Sheriff by Delores Fossen released on Oct 16, 2017 is available now for purchase.]

In this classic book of suspense from USA Today bestselling author Delores Fossen, a Texas sheriff has ignoring what’s brewing between him and the single mother he’s been tasked with protecting…

Years ago, Sheriff Beck Tanner had believed the worst about Faith Matthews. Now she was back in their small Texas town, forcing him to question everything he thought he knew about her. And when the killer who’d murdered her family set his sights on Faith—and her innocent baby girl—Beck’s protective instincts kicked into high gear.

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