Secret Codes For Hidden Genre Categories On Netflix


Netflix has quickly become the preferred way we watch TV and movies with too many categories on Netflix. Subscribers have thousands of shows at their fingertips. It is instant gratification at its finest. Who doesn’t love to spend a Saturday at home binge-watching an edge-of-your seat thriller or laughing to a quirky comedy. It is one of the best ways to wind down and alleviate stress, but searching Netflix for the right show to fit your mood can be anything but stress-free. On any given day, Netflix has over 5,600 titles to choose from. Which such a wide selection, you can easily find yourself wasting time browsing through titles you have no desire to ever watch. Luckily, Netflix has you covered.

Netflix breaks down each film and series into subcategories. These are not the categories on Netflix you see when you open library and start scrolling. The subcategories are much more specific. The categories range from Film Noir to Screwball Comedies to Movies Based on Children’s books. These secret categories were first discovered by What’s On Netflix, but anyone can access them. Each sub-genre has a secret code that goes with it. Once you know that code, all you need is a browser with a URL bar.



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