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Tenth Year in the Sun (Book 1 of The Sankofa Sisterhood Series)cover

by Maureen Asantewaa, M.L. Wonder

Genre: Women’s Fiction

A sisterhood bound by promise and woven with love.

Adoma, an idealist, inspires her closest friends — her soul sisters — to meet on an idyllic island off the coast of Africa for a ten-year reunion. She’s longing to reconnect, especially since she’s just turned her life inside out, leaving her former career overseas and her rich but controlling beau. Over the years, her friends have had their share of ups and downs too. Broken hearts, broken promises. They used to tell each other everything, but now Adoma senses secrets being kept, maybe even lies being told. What’s behind them? What happened to the trust she needs so badly?

As the secrets unravel, a life-threatening disaster emerges. Storm clouds gather in their island paradise while the ties of old friendship are strained to the limit. No one – including Adoma, knows whether the sisterhood will survive …or if their lives will ever be the same.

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