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Renee spent countless hours over the last decade watching fairytales with her young daughter, Ava, who is now 12 and outgrowing the world of fairytales. Renee decided the timing was perfect to assemble and create her own fairytale. She noticed the amazing power and influence fairytales hold on millions of young viewers. They idolize the characters, reading and watching the books and movies over and over while purchasing a never ending array of merchandise from linens to toys, games and kitchenware.

Renee combined self empowering knowledge and suggestions on what to do when faced with an unfortunate and hopeless situation. By using kind and uplifting thoughts, the unfortunate situation can be overcome and a positive fairytale ending created.

The combination of a fairytale with self empowerment makes this a one of a kind book and must read for all girls and women!

Stella is not only a modern day fairytale but a book on self empowerment, designed for girls and women of all ages. The strikingly beautiful, global profile on the book cover resembles Priscilla, Stella’s daughter in real life.

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CoverStella: A Modern Fairytale Park in Neutral Let Auto Pilot Create Your Fairytale

by Renee Ervanian

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance

Although make believe, the underlying issues of a fairytale are so common and real in daily life, making it easy to relate and understand the story content at a very young age. The content of Stella focuses on a somber story while at the same time, detailing the incredible power young girls possess locked away inside them to effortlessly create their own fairytale ending.

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