12 Weaknesses to look out for when editing your novel – Guest Post Megg Geri

Great list to have handy when editng! 😉



So, you’ve written your novel and now you need to start revising your first draft so that you can get it as polished as possible before sending it off to your editor. If you can focus on correcting these 12 weaknesses to look out for when editing your novel you will help to save yourself money as well as really get clear on your own story.

The first draft is as bad as the book is ever going to be

~ Robin Stevens

Once you’ve finished your first draft you can actually start working on your story. Now you start finding gaps and really get to know your characters. You thought you knew everything about your story already? NO! By revising your manuscript you will get to know your story on a completely different level.

But, how do you craft this vomit on your page into the book…

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