Song Lyric Sunday | “I’m On Your side” – Angela Bofill

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This week’s prompt is ‘Comfort’.

Broken hearts can be devastating. We saw the warning signs… and ignored them, or, we’re caught totally unaware. Family and friends can be a great source of support but quite often that support comes with blame-placing, admonishments, and an I-told-you-so or two.

Sometimes we don’t need questions or discussions. We simply need someone on our side.

This 1983 release by Angela Bofill reached number twenty on Billboard’s R&B charts in early 1984. (No good video available.)

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I’m On Your Side

by Angela Bofill

In the game of love
Sometimes we get left behind
When pushing comes to shove
Happiness is so hard to find

A fall from love can break your spirit
Paint a rosy outlook blue
Darling, you don’t have to fear it
Cause baby
I’m here for you

I’m on your side
When times are hard
And you need some understanding

I’m on your side
When times gets rough
And no one else can care enough
I’m on your side to be for you

[Verse 2:]
You can say you’re free
Sometimes you’re the last to know
You can come to me
When some heartache lays you low

If your lover leaves you crying
You don’t have to be alone
Call my number
Keep on trying
You know that I will be home

[Repeat Chorus:]

Having a friend when you come to the end
Makes it easier
Makes it easier

Come back to me
I can save you
When she tries to tear you apart
Tear you apart
I won’t break your heart

[Repeat Chorus:]

Writer(s): Angela Tomasa Bofill, Jeffrey Cohen, Narada Michael Walden



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