Casualty of Court – Another doubter for CeeCee

Everyone’s giving poor CeeCee such a bad time! 😮

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CeeCee has invited us once more to her Inner Sanctum, hoping to have a better experience than the previous one she had with Fern. Still a little upset by the young woman’s abrupt and hurtful comments, she intends to pull out all the stops to impress Raven. She has chosen her outfit with this in mind (chiffon scarves aplenty, harem pants and a sparkly cropped top with a tad too much flesh on show, finished off with a sateen turban studded with an oversized, plastic gemstone)

Unfortunately, CeeCee doesn’t do ‘understated’ and is a founder member of the ‘more is more’ brigade! She has a job on her hands, trust me. Raven is unlikely to be swayed by CeeCee’s colourful and theatrical garb. Still, you can’t blame CeeCee for trying.

Here she comes now.  Brace yourself. Good Luck, CeeCee.

CD: Come in, come in. Take a seat. My, aren’t you a…

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