Why Characterization Matters in Blurbs

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Andrea Lundgren

I’ve written about the overall formula for blurbs before, but today, I wanted to discuss characterization.

It may seem like blurbs don’t have enough room for characterization–that the back of the book snippet is just too short to do more than say who the main character is, what they’re struggling with, and hint at why this matters–but characterization is what drives readers to open the book inside or pass on by.


Let me show you how it works.

One day, Jane opens her door to find a package with a mysterious, shiny label. It says it’s for her, but she doesn’t know how that could be. 

Still, after she opens the box she finds herself on a journey of discovery and adventure, as the cardboard cubicle becomes a portal to a new world, full of dangers and difficulties. With the help of a wandering minstrel and a unicorn, she has…

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