Casualty of Court – Annie interviews Stefan

Annie Skillset takes on Stefan Pariah…er, I mean Pereira! 😄 Did you preorder yet? 😉

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Annie’s work here is almost done.

Before she can submit her report to Detective Hugh Dunnitt she has one more candidate to interview.

Stefan Pereira is on his way to her office.

Was that perfume she dabbed on her wrists?

Really, Annie? I thought you were a professional.

She smirks.

Well, I wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction.


Aged 28, Stefan is the defendant in the upcoming trial.

After eight months on remand, he’s ready to tell his story. But I must warn you, he’s a ladies’ man. You’ve been warned.

A knock on the door. He’s here.

AS: Come in, Mr Pereira, please take a seat.

(Stefan enters, pulls out a chair and sits, a soft smile forms on his lips)

SP: Thank you, but please, call me Stefan. Mr Pereira is my father. (He tilts his head to one side)

AS: Of course. (Annie giggles. OMG she giggles!

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