Casualty of Court – Annie interviews Nessa

Nessa’s turn – get ready! Annie Skillset’s got her hands full! 😏

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Following her interviews with Fern and Raven, Annie turns her focus to Nessa Sullivan.

Aged 25, Nessa grew up and went to school with Raven in Framleigh. She was responsible for getting Fern to Portugal for that fated holiday. Although initially charged with aiding and abetting her boyfriend, Stefan, in the alleged assault on Fern, those charges were dropped due to lack of evidence against her. But she did make a statement that will be used in the trial.

Can Annie gain any insight into what makes Nessa tick? Let’s find out. Here comes Nessa. With her head bowed like that, she doesn’t look happy about being here. Either that or she’s avoiding someone.

AS: Thank you for coming, Miss Sullivan. I’ll be brief; I’m sure you have other things you’d rather be doing.

(Nessa gives a faint smile and nods)

AS: I see you didn’t return to your job as…

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