How Blogging Saved My Marriage

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This is a guest post by Dominique Nancy.

I thought how I got into Blogging might make some of you laugh.

Two years ago, I was concerned that my husband’s online gaming might mess up our marriage. We all know how excessive virtual worlds can have real-world influences on health, spouse happiness, and sex life? But can lingerie help save marriages when men’s gaming habits have interfered with the couple’s bedtime? As a scientific journalist with a strong interest for fashion, I asked myself this question and made it the subject of a study (Yep, I did carry out the experiments described below… Oh yes, with a truly scientific approach). 🙂


The study confirms that multiplayer video games can have negative consequences on marital satisfaction. The results shed light on the effects of a woman wearing lingerie on a role-playing gamer spouse, studied this way for the first time…

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5 thoughts on “How Blogging Saved My Marriage

      1. Thank you. I truly appreciate your positive feedback. The content of this post is very different from what I usually write on my blog but I thought some women could relate to it.

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