#Review “Polish Your Prose” by Harmony Kent

5/5 Stars!

Polish Your Prose coverThe literary world is filled with how-to books on every topic imaginable. Writers have millions of options for finding resources which are the right fit and aids them in their writing journey.

Polish Your Prose is a right fit resource for any writer, be it the new-kid-on-the-block or professional.

Divided into three sections, this short writing aide covers everything from passive prose to dealing with negative reviews in a positive way. There’s even a short chapter dedicated to U.S. English vs. U.K. English.

Chapters are clear and concise, with examples of each tip and a quick summary of each chapter. The author does not pad chapters with the time-honored rules of writing from the halls of academia but recommends other resources for further explanation and examples.

Whether you’re writing the first draft, revising, or editing, this is the book to keep close-at-hand.

Polish Your Prose is available in ebook format, but I recommend the print version as it’s easier and faster to access all those often used tips highlighted and bookmarked by Post-it notes.

Or maybe that’s just me.

If you’re building a library, you could add this book. But if you want to hone your writing skills and deliver quality books/blogs to your readers, you need this book. Scroll up and 1-click.

You’re welcome!

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