“Little Dip (Garoul Series Book 5)” by Gill McKnight #ReleaseBlitz


Title: Little Dip
Author: Gill McKnight
Genre: Paranormal (Werewolves)

Release Date: December 5, 2017
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

It’s 1979, and Connie Fortune has an easy, freewheeling life as a wildlife photographer and illustrator.

A new contract brings her to the Little Dip valley to track down a rare bird, but a clash with Sylvie Garoul, the valley’s owner, and her daughter, the haughty Marie Garoul, ruins the deal.

The following year Connie tries again, bringing her niece Amy along for a camping trip. Marie Garoul is as cold as ever, but this time, things have changed. The residents of Lost Creek are up in arms about strange goings on in the valley, and Connie is unsure whose side she is on.

Gill McKnight is Irish but spends as much time as possible in Lesbos, Greece, which she considers home. She can often be found traveling back and forth between Greece and Ireland in a rusty old camper van with her rusty wee dog. Gill enjoys writing, roses, and, by necessity, DIY. Learn more about her by visiting her website.

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