Isn’t Fibromyalgia Just Made Up?

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Isn’t Fibromyalgia just made up?

Despite having been around for literally centuries, the diagnosis of
fibromyalgia is one that is grossly misunderstood. Because a lot of
the diagnosis is based on faith that the patient has accurately reported
his or her symptoms, there is a lot of skepticism regarding fibromyalgia.

A huge gap between visible and invisible conditions exists, and it is
tough to deal with it. No one should ever question a person with a
broken arm.

Yet people are often receiving the need that a loved one
has fibromyalgia with disbelief.

There is an outlandish number of people who think fibromyalgia is
“all in your head,” or “fake,” or even “a try to get attention.”
Not only does this negative attitude prevent the research on fibromyalgia
to be taken seriously and recognized, it also leads to isolation and shame
for Fibro Warriors.

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“I have Fibromyalgia and no one believes me, not even my doctor.”


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