Shopping for someone with Fibromyalgia?

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In the spirit of avoiding triggers, shopping riots and, well, people, we’ve put together gift suggestions for people who have fibromyalgia. And if you’re the only one you know who has fibro, well, pass this fibromyalgia gift list along to your loved ones (hint hint).

Pre-made Holiday Meals

Skip standing in the kitchen for hours on end, which can be a recipe for fatigue and flare-ups.

Fibro Awareness Gear

Pick up some gear and turn yourself into a walking Fibromyalgia Awareness billboard. We know it’s an invisible disease so let’s give it some visibility.

Pain Relieving Ointments

Rub away the aches and pains of fibromyalgia in your joints and muscles with topical ointments and creams.

Common Fibro Supplements

There are tons of good supplements out there that can help reduce flare-ups and provide relief from the pain.

Manual Massage Tools

Whether you want to give yourself some myofascial release or deep-tissue therapy, there’s a massager that’s right for you.

Electric Massage Tools

From Shiatsu to TENS, a great pain relief unit can be found for less than fifty dollars ($50).

Over the Counter Pain Relievers

It’s not exciting, but everyone needs these in their medicine cabinets. Would make a great stocking stuffer for the person with chronic pain in your life. And many come with easy opening lids/tops for people with hand pain.

CBD Oil and Supplements

These legal hemp products can help with chronic pain, sleep, endurance, anxiety, depression, inflammation, muscle spasms, overall mental health and well-being, mood, and more.

Essential Oil Diffusers and Oils

Essential oils can provide calming and relief after stressful days.

Body Pillows

Sleeping can be hard with fibro, and if you’re in pain or uncomfortable it can be hard to find a good position.

Skin Relief Creams and Ointments

Psoriasis and Excema and other skin rashes are common with fibro. Many skin relief products are specifically formulated to heal skin issues.

Heating Pads

Ease the aches and pains of fibro and arthritis with gentle heat–moist or dry–from heating pads.

Bath Soak Products

Find relief in a relaxing bath. From bath bombs to Epsom salts to aromatherapeutic bubbles baths, there’s something for everyone.

Please see the complete list of items with links to suggested items on the Fibromyalgia Holiday Gift Guide.

The preceding article is from  and posted here for sharing purposes only. For the complete gift guide or additional information, please visit their site. Your physician should always be consulted before trying new therapies or non-prescription pain relief programs.


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      1. Thank you Felicia. At the moment I do fight with the side effects after being seduced in come for a while. Unfortunately several side effects, as would be more bearable, if just someone have told me about these, before I was sent home from hospital.

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