How Long Your Novel Should Be

A Writer's Path

by Doug Lewars

How long should your novel be? The simple answer is that it needs to be just long enough to tell your story. Animal Farm is only 29,966 words and it’s a pretty good tale. At the other end of the spectrum is War and Peace at 544,406.  That’s quite a difference.

Now ask yourself this. Have you read Animal Farm? There’s a good chance that you have – particularly since it was on the high-school English curriculum for some years. So have you read War and Peace? Some have – but then some people like to climb mountains, cross deserts and dive deep into the ocean. The point here is that if you have to make a mistake, you should probably err on the low side.

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NaNo Diaries: Editing? Nope! #NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo! 😉

Felicia Denise, Author

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One of the first things you’ll learn during a NaNoWriMo challenge is do not waste time editing.

We’re told to turn off our inner editor. Bound, gag and toss them into a closet. Send them on vacation. Put your inner edit on IGNORE.

Editing slows you down. While you should be moving on to the next scene or chapter, you stare at what you’ve written and it just isn’t quite… right.

So, you futz around trying to rebuild the world, or block the scene, or build the suspense and an hour later, the page still sucks, you have a total word count of 537, and you just want a drink or your bed…or both!

Save your sanity and sobriety and don’t edit.

True, it’s easier said than done. But, when you think of the time wasted on editing text that will be re-edited several times in the coming weeks and…

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Ways to Fight Fatigue from Fibromyalgia

Fibro Cloud

In the fight against Fibromyalgia, fatigue is one of the most challenging battles to face. How can you regain energy, or find new sources of energy to access. How can we find extra spoons to put in our pocket? There are several things that can be done, but every person is different. What works for some may not work for another person. Here are some suggestions of some ways to fight fatigue.

Ways to fight fatigue

Be protective of your spoons

The idea of spoon theory is a great way to explain the realities of Fibromyalgia. In short, spoon theory says that you have a certain number of spoons to use every day (think of them as units of energy). When finding ways to fight fatigue, the most simple answer is conservation. Try to protect the energy stores that you have. This means learning to say no to things. Sometimes, pain sufferers have to say no to things that they want to do, so it is important to also say no to things that we do not want to do or don’t have the energy to do. If you are trying to do activities that take your spoons, simply because you are trying to protect someone’s feelings, then you may need to evaluate some priorities. Is it more important to keep your body functioning, and to have energy left over for your loved ones? Or, is it more important to protect a person’s feelings, and agree to do something that you may not have the energy to do? It may be important to you to make that person a priority, and that is a choice that you have to make for yourself. Conservation is the most obvious and conservative way to maintain your energy.

Plan ahead

This is a subcategory of protecting your spoons, but planning ahead can be a great tool. There is a certain amount of life that you can not plan for, but you can try to set yourself up for success instead of failure. It may mean using the motorized cart at the grocery store, avoiding activities that will drain you too much, or setting aside your idea of what you should be capable of. Planning ahead just means looking ahead and planning the most energy-efficient way to perform the tasks of your day. The ego can be a big enemy of utilizing the most energy efficient means to perform a task. You may not look as cool as you would like, feel like you are not operating at the level that you should be able to, or damaging another person’s view of you. Is it more important for you to operate from ego, or is it more important to have the extra spoon available to you to give to yourself or a loved one?


The food that you consume is one of the biggest ways to fight fatigue, even if you do not suffer from chronic pain. It would be great if there was a “fibro diet” that worked for everyone, but that is not realistic. The diet industry is so huge in America because different diets work differently for different people. Finding a diet that works to bring energy to your body takes experience and experimentation. It can be frustrating to try several diets and not find the right one for you, but you have to take note of the things that do work. When you start compiling info about what works for you, you can start customizing your nutrition to your needs. It is worth trying to dial your nutrition in, because if you are eating junk, then your energy will never be optimum.


This is a hard thing to start when you have no energy and deal with chronic pain. It can feel like using energy that you don’t have and may feel counterproductive at first. Getting started and building momentum is always the hardest part, but once you start it gets easier to keep going. Exercise does not always mean pushing, grinding, sweating, and using every last ounce of energy that you have in your body. You can take short walks, do some yoga poses, or swim a few laps. Try doing exercise that only uses one “spoon” at first, and try to do it on a regular basis. If you find that your energy is increasing, great. If it is having the opposite effect, then do what works best for your body.


When looking for ways to fight fatigue, many people find supplements help them increase their energy. A great place to start the supplement search is by getting a blood test from your doctor to see if you are short on any essential vitamins or minerals. Vitamin D, Iron, and B vitamins are commonly used to increase energy in fibro sufferers. There may also be some other compound that your body has a shortage of that can negatively affect your energy. Melatonin is also a supplement that may help you sleep more restfully, and in turn, give you more energy. There are several vitamin supplements that are specially formulated to help fight fibro symptoms. Find the one that works best for you.

Protect Your Sleep

Sleep the chief of ways to fight the fatigue, period. It is not always an option to climb into bed in the middle of the day and tuck in for a long nap. However, it is possible to plan ahead and protect your sleep to ensure that you are getting as much as you can. It may mean going to bed early; taking a sleep aid; finding pillows, sleep masks, blackout curtains, sheets, mattress toppers, etc that you need to have the most restful sleep possible. If sleep is the most important thing that your body needs to perform optimally, then make a good amount of restful sleep a priority. Protect your sleep.


In dealing with human ailments from cancer, M.S., Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, or chronic fatigue, mindset is always the most important thing. It is incredible to research the stories of what people can accomplish with the power of the mind. If you are constantly focussing on your symptoms and fatigue, then it will rule your life. Obviously, this is easier said than done. You will have to condition your mind over time to be selective of the thoughts that you dwell on. The practice of redirecting your mind will strengthen your cognitive function as well, and Meditation is a great way to practice the redirecting of your mind. Mindset will also make it easier to stay motivated to overcome ego, plan accordingly, stay consistent with exercise, and manage your nutrition as well. Keeping a determined mindset is a great way to set yourself up to make the best choices for keeping your energy levels up.


The preceding article is from and posted here for sharing purposes only. For additional information, please visit their website or consult your doctor.

Crime Fiction About an Undercover Cop By a Former Undercover Cop

Who The

‘Crime Fiction About An Undercover Cop By a Former Undercover Cop’ is roughly how the blurb goes on the Amazon listing for my latest book Who The F*ck Am I?

The title may be a tad controversial to some, but it is part of the very fabric of an infiltrator. Identity confusion among undercover agents is a medically recognised condition.

It is Book One in a trilogy featuring Steve Regan, a fictional British undercover cop. The action takes place mainly in the United Kingdom but also takes the reader to Miami and Boston in the United States.

The book is available from October 31, 2017, in both Kindle and paperback through Amazon. It will also be available in other eBook formats through Smashwords and at most other online bookstores.

The blurb also makes the claim, “This surely has to be a first! Crime fiction about an undercover cop written by a former undercover cop!

From Amazon UK bestselling author, Stephen Bentley, comes a fictional undercover cop, Steve Regan, following on the success of his true crime undercover cop memoir ‘Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story.’

Steve Regan, undercover detective, is tempted by the riches of drug smuggling so he can be free of debt, police bureaucracy, and help a loved one. He wonders whether he can go ‘rogue’ and cross the line.

Regan gets involved in one deal with a Miami-based drug lord. But is everyone who they say they are?

Short, fast-paced, high-impact entertainment, from a bestselling author who knows how to suck you into a story.”

This novella was inspired by two gangsters I met in real life while undercover. I harboured thoughts about them for many years and felt obliged to deal with those thoughts in this fictional work. I believe I can safely say that is a first!

As the author and a former undercover cop, I do not profess to know with certainty if my claim about it being a “first” is fact. I mean the claim: This surely has to be a first! Crime fiction about an undercover cop written by a former undercover cop!

I could argue, in line with another former profession of mine (lawyer), that it isn’t a claim at all – merely a hypothesis. Pedants may argue there ought to be a question mark following “has to be first.” Possibly, they are correct.

But in any event, whether claim or hypothesis, it intrigues me. So, a challenge to all readers of this blog post – tell me if I am right or wrong about it being the first fictional work about an undercover cop written by a former undercover cop. At least I ask you to leave a comment letting us know your thoughts.

There is a reward for the best comment left – one free copy of the book featured here and a free copy of my bestselling memoir Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story.

Please note there can only be one winner and the prizes will be provided in any eBook format of the winner’s choice.

The winner will be judged by the author on the basis of the insight provided by the commentator, the originality of the comment, and any tendency to humour gains extra marks J


Stephen Bentley BIO

Former UK Detective Sergeant, undercover cop, barrister (trial counsel). Now a writer, author, and blogs at HuffPost UK.

Author of ‘Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story’ – an Amazon UK bestselling book about his undercover days on one of the world’s largest drug busts.

Lives in the Philippines, enjoys the beaches and a cold beer and follows “his team”, Liverpool Football Club from afar.

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“Noble Magic: The Chronicles of Eledon Book Four” by Joni Parker #BookTour

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Noble Magic coverTitle: Noble Magic: The Chronicles of Eledon Book Four

Author: Joni Parker

Genre: Fantasy

Lady Alexin (Alex) battles a band of mortal wizards known as the Octagon, discovers the mysteries of the five legendary diamond eggs, and finally comes into her true powers gifted to her by her conquests and the gifts of her Titan ancestors. Tasked with the seemingly impossible, Alex must find a way to restore the entry points to Seaward Isle or see its inhabitants face certain destruction as the grid holding Eledon together threatens to fall apart.

Author Bio

Joni ParkerJoni currently lives in Tucson, Arizona, but she was born in Chicago, lived in Japan, graduated high school in Phoenix, and got married in New Jersey. Not only was she married to a career Navy sailor, but she also completed 22 years of active duty service herself. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, an MBA, and a Master of Military Arts and Sciences (MMAS) from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.  After her husband passed away, she returned to the work in the Department of Homeland Security until she discovered her love of writing. She retired again and has written two series, “The Seaward Isle Saga,” a three-book series, and “The Chronicles of Eledon” with “Spell Breaker,” “The Blue Witch,” “Gossamer,” and “Noble Magic.”




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