#Review “Something New (Brides of Cedar Bend Book 2)” by Lena Hart

Something New cover

“Something New (Brides of Cedar Bend Book 2)

Genre: Women’s Fiction/Romance/African-American

Release Date: July 25, 2017

4/5 Stars!

For a small town, a lot sure goes on in Cedar Bend!

Savannah Williams and Damian Carson meet when she seeks shelter in his mechanic’s shop after being caught in a rainstorm during a walk. Their time together is brief as Savvy’s boyfriend picks her up and life goes back to its regularly scheduled program.

Fast forward two years and the two meet again when Savvy is returning to Cedar Bend and has car trouble.

Guess who’s sent to her rescue?

It’s not going to be a simple chance meeting this time either since Damian and Savvy are best man and maid of honor in the same wedding—Quinn and Eric’s.

These two have definite chemistry but while privately believing nothing will ever happen between them, Damian isn’t exactly upset Savvy no longer has a boyfriend.

Savvy isn’t all that upset her relationship ended, but she’s not happy with how it began and played out. She knows she played a part in pushing Matt to propose. I don’t fault Savvy for planning her life, but she was dead wrong for trying to plot it. Fortunately, she learns from her mistakes. (And finds out what a total ass Matt is.)

Damian’s not doing so good with planning his life. Trying to keep his business going while caring for his dad leaves time for little else.

Dementia is slowly taking over Damian Carson, Sr.’s mind and his son is determined to keep him home—not send him to a senior facility—and take care of him.

Wedding preparations and car repairs keep bringing Savvy and Damian together and sparks ignite. But both are planted in the here and now… for now.

Loved the relationship Savvy had with Damian, Sr. and I do feel Damian oversteps after Savvy takes his dad out. He’s a good son, looking out for his dad, but during that situation, he was an ass.

The only bump-in-the-road for me in this read is what happens when Quinn and Eric abandon their own wedding. (And what is up with those two?)

I just couldn’t wrap my head around two sane people agreeing to the farce… for whatever reason. But, fake engagements and weddings seem to be a ‘thing’ in romance novels lately, so…oh well. (But the wedding ring mishap is just too funny!) So many family members believed it was such a good idea, but none more so than Damian, Sr. Dementia has progressed to Alzheimer’s, and it may have been winning the battle, but not enough for Pops to not want his son to have a family of his own and stop worrying about him so much.

Sticky notes. Look for them. They’ll leave a lump in your throat.

Being in Cedar Bend is good for Savvy. She lets go of what I felt was pretentiousness and blends into small-town life. Savvy being in Cedar Bend is also good for Damian. She brings the order and peace to his life (and kitchen) he didn’t even know what he was missing.

Then he becomes an ass again after Savvy makes a mistake which leads to Pops wandering away…again.

But, being the good, salt-of-the-earth-man he is, Damian more than makes up for it. However, that’s after Pops—Damian, Sr.—delivers the best reality check of the story. Real wisdom can’t be snuffed out by age or illness.

Something New has a sigh-inducing ending that leaves you smiling and happy for this couple… and there’s a bittersweet setup for the next book, Something Borrowed, which I’ve already preordered!

And where are Quinn and Eric???

Enjoy! (And don’t be surprised if you find yourself putting on Smokey Robinson’s Cruisin’… and listening to the words!)



When small-town mechanic Damian Carson comes to Savvy Williams’ rescue—again—he is determined to make their encounter a bit more memorable than the last. Yet, when a rousing kiss results in an unforgettable night, Damian soon finds himself caught in a bogus engagement with the lovely southern belle.

Embarrassed by her previous broken engagement—and eager to dispel rumors of her attraction to rich men only—Savvy is willing to fake a relationship with the handsomely rugged mechanic. Until their harmless charade results in a quickie wedding.

Before their family and friends, Damian and Savvy must decide how far they’re willing to take their pretense…and if what they have is strong enough to survive something real.

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